Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AaaHhh..Smell That?

It's December! And when it is December, the only thing that I am looking forward to is Christmas with tonz of public holidays. Roasted delicious delicacies. Mashed Potatoes. Buttered Broccolis. Everyone coming together, celebrating the occasion merrily.

taken last Christmas 08 at grandma's house

Christmas is like no other occasion I've celebrated. Our usual routine will be dinner at Aunty Luciene's for Christmas Eve. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas when the clock strikes 12am. Going home to open presents only from your own family. The next day, all the excitement about sitting near the Christmas tree waiting for everybody in the family to give us their presents.

Oh Joy!

Shoots, just remembered! Haven't even start Xmas pressies shopping! Oh man.. Totally don't have time this weekend because, it is Chris' wedding. Then next weekend, I've gotta take stock for Clothes For Fun. I guess that leaves us the weekend before Christmas! shit shit shit ~


  1. feel like bragging....I've FINISHED Christmas shopping!!!! nye-nye-nye-nye-nye! hehehe....this year, i decided to start in Oct and slowly shop...instead of rushing in Dec as usual...hahah...so I'm done! When we putting up Grandma's tree? I bought my yearly candy canes to put on it dy...

  2. So far no news of putting up Christmas Tree yet wor. For all you know Grandpa will probably do it himself cos that was what he did last year. LOL. Chris wedding is over shadowing Christmas preps.

    IIiissshh, dont gloat too much ah. I havent even start Xmas shopping that means, havent bought your present yet and last minute shopping is never a good choice for present shopping. LOL