Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baked Spicy Chicken Salad

This is actually a great way to keep my recipes. Not to say they are extremely hard to remember but I like to share what meals I've achieved on my own, the little that I cook!

So today, I wanted to make something different from my usual Baked Salt & Pepper Chicken Salad for dinner. With hardly anything in the fridge, I found a plastic bag of dried chillis sitting quietly inside the vege compartment. So I took out 3 of them, not sure how to judge since I've never really cooked before.

So I literally made a whole new taste of Chicken Salad tonight and it was so Yummy!! Who said dieting means eating tasteless food!

Baked Spicy Chicken Salad

3 strips of chicken breast.
10pcs of baby tomatoes.
3 different types of salad vegetables.
2pcs of dried chilli
Salt, pepper & margarine.

1) Marinate chicken with salt, pepper and margarine.
2) Break dried chillis apart and spread out evenly on top of chicken.
3) Take 5 baby tomatoes, slice them into half and place them facing upwards around the plate.
4) Put everything into the oven for 30minutes, 220'c.
5) Prepare salad vegetables in a big bowl.
6) Once the chicken is done, slice them into smaller pieces or tear them into strips.
7) Remember to take the dried chillis out.
8) Pour everything including the good juicy stuff into the salad bowl.

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