Friday, October 30, 2009

At this rate, I'm never gona get a phone

Kill Me will ya!!

I asked baby which phone do you prefer? The Nokia E71 or Blackberry Curve 8520?
Then instead of telling me which he prefered among those two I mentioned, he said iPhone.

"So Big", I replied. Since I had nothing much to do, I googled iPhone and also found myself to like it. Dont know why I didnt find Kevin's to be appealing but when I saw the picture of the iPhone 3Gs, I kinda like it.

iphone 3Gs

Honestly, with 3 phones to choose from, I do not know which I want and I can never decide since..

I kinda like the Nokia E71 because it looks nice, not that I need the functions of a business person.
Blackberry Curve 8520 because.. it looks nicer and cooler than the Nokia E71 because of its interface and icons.
iPhone 3Gs because.. hands down the coolest looking compared to the other two. like that? If only one of them Nokia, Blackberry or Mac can see this and send me a complimentary phone because I just cant seem to decide. =) (I wish!)

CRAP I am torn!


Shouldnt have watched that Video. Now that I saw Blackberry, I seem to like it better than the Nokia E71 because the interface looks so much more cooler.


Not that I need a Blackberry. Not that I need the Nokia E71. I just need a phone!


Blackberry Curve 8520 comes with a Maxis Postpaid plan for RM98 a month with full Blackberry services. I think the phone comes with the plan.

But.. RM98 a month!! Thats crazy. But but it looks so much nicer. Right?

blackberry curve 8520

It Is Time

I knew this day would come and I am so damn excited. Every now and then, I renew the gadgets in my life. This time, it is not my camera, it is my phone! Currently I am using Sony Ericsson W80 something. The one where you can shake left and right to change to another song, which I dont recall using since I got it..sayy..2years ago?

Every Sony Ericsson phone I had, they only served me no more than 2 years before things got weird. Speakers faulty, Screen Blur, Whole thing hanged, and now .. it has a mood on its own. Shuts down by itself and when it decides to show itself again, the screen comes back to life. So yea, It is Time.

The verdict : NO MORE SONY ERICSSON cos all show, no go!!

And so far this is what I am drooling over..

The Nokia E71. Oooo I just love how classy it looks and I got to feel it myself when I used Mun Fen's to check something on the net. I was so impressed by using a phone to go online!! Talk about being outdated. I know nowadays, most of the phones can be wifi-ed but I was so awed when I got to experience that myself!! Iphone is too big for me and too expensive, but the E71 is quite compact and I just LOVE it in solid black. Yumms..

One tiny weeny problem. It is RM1799. puhhh!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Month's Online Shopping!


Yep! Panel skirt from Veron. Been looking for a Bodycon skirt just like that for quite some time. Seen something similar at a couple of online shops but, I'm kinda paranoid purchasing online since my last experience with one of the blogshop which I don't think is nice to name here.

I bought this shorts which cost me RM55 (plus cod fees of RM3) from a new online blogshop. It was stated that the shorts was "High-waisted" and so happened it looked simple and nice and just exactly what I was looking for at that moment, which was a "High-Waisted Black shorts". Unfortunately, they don't model the clothes and it was hanged on the wall, so.. Gotten it and totally hated it. Know why? Simply because it WAS NOT high-waisted at all!! Can you freaking believe it? I was quite pissed off because, come on! High Waisted is not at the hips, it is close to the upper waist! For heaven sakes.

Let me tell you more of my bad experiences.

A sweet dress from another blogshop caught my eyes and it was mentioned size UK8-UK10. So arranged cod with the owner and she was kind enough to not charge me for cod as I was codying with one of my customers at the same place. So I got home, put it on and ... stuck! I cant even fit the dress, and even if I cud, the buttons looked like they were about to pop out and the material was really thin so it looked pretty much like a lingerie and it was SHORT. sigh!

So another bad experience.

Also a new blogshop (not sure why I tend to buy from new ones). I happened to be looking for a long wallet. So I saw something I like at this blogshop and coded with the owner at The Curve. Not only she was late, the material of the wallet was clearly not PU!!! It was so cheap looking that I totally felt disgusted. Usually long wallets are hard, so that they can be more secured right, this was made out of manila cardboard paper, with whatever material they called PU, wrapped around a freaking thin manila cardboard paper. Can you believe I paid RM45 for that pc of crap? Shits.

I tell you, the only only only super duper best experience Ive had is buying from Laura. All her items fitted me perfectly. They turned out exactly how it looked like on her photos. Absolutely recommended. Miss OCD in Shopping (linked on my side panel).

Another one of my recommendations would be Veron's, Oh. popsicles! She's my friend that's why and I've bought from her quite a number of times. Love them as well =D

So if you ask me, which blogshop would I recommend. I'll always recommend these two, and of course, mine as well. LOL!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

This Week's Instant Lurve

Another weekend has passed and I am looking at the last batch of lovely pieces I brought in for Clothes For Fun this week for the month of October.

Just wanted to share with you, what's my lurve for this collection.

I realised that as time passes by, the change in my fashion taste is quite obvious. From the day I started, to this very day, my clothes have changed from bright bold babydoll dresses to darker and lighter tone classier dresses. A good sign perhaps because now I cater to the girls Clothes For Fun grew up with.

I kept this lovely top for myself because it is so easy to wear. Plus, I love the studs around the collar and it is long therefore I can hide my tummy as well. I am still contemplating if I should also keep the leggings in grey because it goes so well with the black top. hmph!

Ohh!!! this chic dress!! Extremely love it to bits. The cutting is magnificent. Totally enchanced my curves which isnt always there. LOL. Am keeping this for a wedding I am attending in December. What a sight!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot's 5th Anniversary : A night to Remember

from left to right : Kyle, Kevin, Douglas, Kino, Veron, Me, Chris, Shane and Chuen

Next weekend! HALLOWEEN Masquerade Mayhem - Heaven & Hell Party at EUPHORIA by Next weekend! HALLOWEEN Masquerade Mayhem - Heaven & Hell Party at EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound.

Trapped. Elevator.

This doesn't really happen to alot of people. Probably like 3 out of 10 people in a lifetime. Unfortunately, I was the 1 in the 3 out of the 10 people.

So I had to work till about 7pm yesterday, finishing of some stuff. Finally got home after 45mins, grab my bag and files, locked my car, waited for the lift, out came an uncle carrying his granddaughter, into the lift I went and as my finger reached for the button of the floor that I stayed on, everything went black.


In the beginning I just thought that the lights were faulty, so that was why the lift went black but as I fumbled for the light switch, I realised that there was no air coming out from the vents. Then I began to panic. It was completely dark and I couldn't see a single thing. I tried to look for my handphone to get myself some light, but it took me a while cos I was panicking. Got the light, pressed the bell signed button. Nothing. So I heard people outside talking and I knocked on the door hard so that people can hear me outside, plus I kept shouting "Hello".

I kept doing it but obviously, the people out there were so amused by the fact that the whole building blacked out that they didn't hear me. I still heard the uncle who came out before I went into the lift saying "Wah, I just came out and then black out already. So lucky!". I mean, Hello? I am still in the lift. Cant anyone hear me? So I tried calling my mom, and she didn't pick up. I tried calling again, and it was engaged. So I thought, I was going to die here and no one will notice that.

I felt the surface of the lift and I tried looking for the door. Felt a tiny gap in between the door and I tried to push it with all my strength. It worked! Moved a little, but I kept going until I can see something on the other side. At first when it opened, I was so afraid that I might see a wall looking right at me and if that happened, no matter how wide I push the door open, I can never get out. I was pretty lucky that the electricity cut off at a better time, and not when I am halfway up the building. Once I saw someone walk past I quickly threw my body and squeezed myself through the door gap and I was FREE!

No choice but to walk 7 flight of stairs. Already out of breath when I reached the 5th floor. Almost died when I reached my house gate. Mom opened the door and looked at me as if I was crazy. Then I scolded her for not answering her phone because I could have been trapped in the lift still. She was shocked because she said she didn't hear the phone. Anyhow, I was so glad that I managed to get out of the lift because when I came back from baby's house which was around 2am, the building was still black.

Imagine if I was trapped in between floors and nobody came for me and that there's no signal in the lift for me to call for help. Scares the shit out of me, man!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrating My Twenty Third at Ministry of Sound "WoHoooOOo!!"

Ministry of Sound is by far the best club I've ever been to. My first time there was attending Hot Magazine's Anniversary party (posted previously) and totally love it. The club is not only spacious, it holds up to about two thousand people. Best of all, smoke free. That means, no more smelly hair and no more feeling dirty.

(my firefox decided to tell me that it will crash right before the final pictures are uploaded on facebook. WTF!)

I was extremely excited to be celebrating my birthday with my friends and most of all, partying to great music at an awesome place.

We met at Subang Jaya around 8pm ish for dinner before we headed out to the club. Wynton who turned Chinese not long ago, decided for us to have Bah Kut Teh at some famous Bah Kut Teh restaurant somewhere in Subang Jaya. The bill came up to about RM11 a head which was quite reasonable, as the meal was really appetizing. By far one of the best Bah Kut Teh I've ever had. (the one in OUG sucks - corner shop selling steam fish also)

At about 9pm ish, we headed over to the club and got ready to party!! Party didn't start instantly because there were still lights and things were just getting started. So happened that on Friday itself, Ministry of Sound reached 1 year old and was having their own birthday celebration too. Most of the people we saw had VIP passes for the event, and we did too, Thanks to Adeline who gave us about 10 passes.

There were free drinks, absolutely love the zapple chivas drink that they served. Very easy to drink and pretty tasty too. So anyways, there were these "Models" dressed in really impossible tight fitting corset dresses, holding their lacey umbrellas, walking around the club. There was this Moth Man, that was what I called, walking on stilts and the most amazing thing is, the fella was dancing on stilts to House! Wow! But what really caught my attention was his suit. He wore a shimmering grey suit with moth-like wings on his back. Absolutely love the colour and how amazing he looked as a Moth.

While all these happened, I was busy picking up drinks actually. Finding myself enjoying them..bit by bit I took, glass by glass and then I got to this really heavy Chivas and zapple (previous glasses that I took had more zapple) and was totally hooked onto it. Then I started getting all happy and smiley. I hardly remember alot of things that my friends told me that I did.

caught in the act!!

Well, lets see :

1) I shouted "WOHOOOOOOoO" so many times, right in front of everybody's face.
2) I was so busy picking up drinks.
3) I said "Hi" to Charmane, Marcus a number of times.
4) I went to Charmane to ask her to bottoms up half the glass with me but I ended up drinking the whole glass.
5) I was so paranoid of losing a table that I ended up putting my arms around a table that wasn't initially ours.
6) I broke a glass and I didn't even realise that I did. I just stood staring at the shattered pieces and was wondering why on earth were there broken glasses around me and my friends were asking me NOT TO MOVE.

Basically, so far that is everything that I gathered from the people who went there to celebrate my birthday and partied all night long with me.

I totally had soooo much fun and really enjoyed celebrating my birthday. Who knew that that night totally changed my perception of drinking alcoholic drinks and my new found love, HOUSE mix TRANCE! Not really sure what is it called but baby said that the night at MOS they played something like House mixed with Trance. Gotten MOS 2009 cd and was blasting non stop in the car!! So unlike the old me.

Well, all these wont happened if it weren't for baby who had planned it with the rest of them. Wouldnt happen if my friends weren't there to celebrate with me. Therefore, THANK YOU so so much for that night. I love you baby for wanting to make it a special night for me, and I love you people, for being there for me =D

baby and me - i honestly didn't remember taking this shot

group photo of us!

Cheerios!! Jane is a slightly changed person. At least, now she will be drinking at parties and partying to House mix Trance!! WoHoooooOOO!!!

missing Adeline in the photos =( cos she gota work.
just realised, missing Marcus also. maybe didnt take photo with him =/

For more photos, they are on Facebook : click here