Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Am I Old?

Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself, Am I getting Older?

When I was 13, that was the last thing on my mind, getting old.
When I was 17, I thought I was old but then realised that I actually am not.
When I was 20, I told myself that I will never need chemicals to preserve my youth.

But now at 22 going on 23, I am starting to feel Old! Definitely not something good to be feeling at the moment. If some 40 year old is reading this, he or she will probably be like "Is this girl for real?"

But I kid you not. When I was 20, I saw my 23 year old friend already stressing out on wrinkles and pigmentation. Buying all sorts of beauty products. I was there and I thought to myself that I will not need these, but now.. I am going for facials, I am getting myself RM100 plus facial deep pore cleanser, RM100 plus 50ml soothing serum for my skin, RM30 plus small bottle of herbal mask and I still think that these are not enough to preserve my skin and youth! OMG!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Favourite Pair

So far my favourite pair for the month. Simple yet it stands out. Love the skirt that I bought from Miss OCD. Laura is a definite sweetheart and it has always been nice dealing with her. Love her gorgeous stuff!

I didnt think I will like the jacket that I brought in that much in the first place but when I put it on, gosh I totally fell in love with it. Cropped at a nice length, those metal buckles actually make the whole piece look amazing!

A Visit to Home Sweet Home

Last Sunday, we made a visit to our future home which we will be buying off from his aunty end of next year. Oh, I cant wait! Currently it is occupied by a middle eastern family and she dropped by for her monthly rental collection last Sunday. We went with her because I wanted to have a look at the place myself, before we purchase the lot. I was abit insecure about giving a lum sum, purchasing a house that I have not seen before.

So came, 4pm and we headed to the condo. Upon entering the place, you have no idea how much I love it. The place was a little empty, or probably not that interesting to look at but I love it because of the quietness and the fact that it is roomy enough for the both of us. The balcony overlooks the swimming pool and some fern trees which were lined up in front of the gate surrounding the pool. I was smiling from ear to ear and almost couldnt control my urge to leap up and down in excitement. The tenants only knew so much that we were there to accompany his aunty to collect rental, not the future owner of the house.

"FINALLY", that was what I told myself. Finally, a place where I can call my own home. Freedom to do whatever I like with the house. Cook whatever I like in the kitchen. Put up whatever kind of curtains I want to. Have as many books I want on the shelves. Oh, I cannot wait!

Highlight of the place is the balcony and let me tell you how much I love balconies. If the place is nice but the balcony is not, I will probably scrap the place off. To me, balcony is like a sanctuary in a condo. Fresh air, great view is all I need.

So counting down the days.. we actually have 469days to go!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Proposing on Radio??

I guess some girls will probably go all mushy when all of a sudden the guy that they've been dating propose to them on the Radio. Live! On Air! Oh, just for a moment there you became famous (prolly for a couple of days then it dies) and these girls will prolly gush, squeal, cry, whatever lah that they feel like doing at that moment, followed by murmuring, "I Do!"

But this morning it was an entire different situation.

I was listening to my fav radio station, and because it is menjelang Hari Raya, Radio Stations have to play Hari Raya Songs which I usually skip. So I skip to my next choice of station and guess what was going on. Ok, it went something like this..

Girl : Hello?
Announcers : Hello! Is this ****?
Girl : Yes it is.
Announcers : Your boyfriend, **** is on the line now and he wants to talk to you.
Girl : Ok. Hi ****
Boy : Hi ****, urmmm..
Announcers : Ok we got to know from your boyfriend that you guys havent spoken for weeks and the last time you guys had a fight was about a month ago. Is that true?
Girl : Yeahh..(a little unsure of what this is about)
Announcers : So sudah nak Raya ni, forgive the poor fella lah. You miss **** or not?
Girl : (pause a little too long)... Yeah
Announcers : see****, she misses you! You miss her tak?
Boy : Miss!
Announcers : Aww.. Look at you two love birds! Ok, other than miss you, your boyfriend here wants you to know how much you mean to him and he would like to show it to you in a BIG way. **** here, wants to ASK YOU TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!! Will you marry him?????

this was where I went WHAT THE FUCK! You dont ask the girl the guy wants to propose to whether she wants to marry him! It is for the guy to do that!! Oh my gosh! Ok continue..

Girl : ...............................................(very long silence)......................................I do
Announcers : woooooooooOoooooooooO she wants to marry you ****!! Congratulations!!
Boy : Will you marry me?
Girl : (awkward) I do!
Announcers : Ok not only that, A certain jewelery shop will be giving you a diamond ring worth RM1800!! Congratulationss!!
Boy : Thank you Radio Station!!

at the end of it the girl didnt even say a single thing! Can you believe it? I would prolly be jumping down the balcony if I were proposed by a Radio Station on behalf of my boyfriend.

Honestly this Radio Station started off pretty good. I love their fun Djs at the beginning but now?? Ughh!


I know I am suppose to be working but I am going through the dont-feel-like-working-today phase all because today is a FRIDAY! So yes, I am quite excused.

Anyway, what do I do when I am bored and have literally nothing to do?

I try to bug the boyfriend fiance on msn to cure my boredom.
I try to be on FB 24/7 commenting on people's comment and try to find some unique names for myself so that people can comment on my FB and that will keep me occupied for about 5 seconds.
I check out my blog every 30 minutes to see if there are any updates on shopping blogs so that I can eye them with my mouth all drenched in saliva.
I go through my list of favourite links and click on each of them just to see if I have not been updating myself on people's life.
I walk around the office acting like I have so many things to do just to make myself think that I actually do have alot of things to do even when I dont.
I blog - therefore this is the 1 part of me trying to cure my boredom and after this, I'll prolly go find more things to add onto my list of what-to-dos-when-im-bored.

So I came across this blog named after a cheese. Cheese Land. Cheeser Land. blogged by a girl named Cheese. or so that is what she wants people to call her because aparently her real name Ringo Tan doesnt really suits her because when she anagramed it, it meant Ignorant. So she decided to change her name to Rin Tan but that didnt work too because her anagram resulted to In Rant. Or something, I forgot. So she tried Cheesie and it came to I, Cheese which is apparently who she is, so kudos to her! she stucked to that name!

Well, I have nothing more productive to do so I decided to try my name out and my first try for English Sur Second Third (great! now people know who is the blogger!) when struck enter, it came out ENJOY OF YANKEE GUN and I was like WTF! so fine, I tried my REAL name without my self given nama glamour and it came out to be EYE FUNKY GOON..I was like OMFG, is this for real? ok one last try. So I gave English Sur a shot and JENO FANG blinked back at me in BOLD RED and I was like.. OK! Not as bad as the other two actually. Sounded like some Japanese Hit Man!

Feel free to try your own name and see what comes out of it >>

So that has literally washed off 15minutes of my day. What next?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Hate Salesmen!

Honestly, I hate hate hate hate Salesmen. The same goes for Promoters. I admit that sometimes I find them quite helpful but most of the time, they are like mosquitoes, following you around, even when you swat them away, they still come back trying to annoy you.

So yesterday what happened was there were these two monkey faces from a certain fitness centre trying to do door to door sales. The best thing was they told one of my colleagues that they would like to send us an invitation to the launch of one of our malls in KL. Therefore, they managed to come in and changed the entire topic to their fitness centre and how they would like us to try out for their FREE trial classes, FREE spa services and I didnt even bother listening because I just wanted them GONE.

It came to a point where the conversation went like this :

Me : No I am not interested, so is the company.
Salesman : Ok but did you know, out of soOoo Many people that we have approached, only 10 who are not interested? This is a very good offer. All you need to do is to write down your details and you are entitled to our special offer.
Me : Well, I am the 11th. THANK YOU.

So I forced them out and made sure the door was locked.

Never ever treat them with respect because they clearly are not human when they do sales, all they care about is how much they can make and finding dirty ways to convince people so that they can cheat everyone's money.

Trust me, I have friends who turned into monsters just because they signed up for some sales position and when you respect them, they take advantage of you and if you want to tell them you are not interested in an extremely nice manner, they insult and spit at you for taking away their precious time for nothing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UP by Disney during the weekend

.. is one of the very first touching cartoon I've ever seen.

During the weekend, we managed to catch UP by Disney despite the countless SOLD OUT seats we encounterd at GSC and TGV when it first premiered in Malaysia.

Just recently, we discovered the convenience of purchasing tickets on9, and the best part, we get to pick the seats ourselves too! Easy peasy, just pay by online bank transfer or credit card, take down the confirmation code, go to the reservation/eon bank fast lane counter which usually doesnt have a line of people, give them the code and voila, "Here are your tickets, enjoy your show"! Dont need to line up and keep cossing your fingers so that there are good seats left for you, dont need to keep staring at the board above the counter, just so you can hope that the orange blinking light doesnt change to red blinking light when you are almost reaching the counter to purchase the tickets, NO MORE!

UP is an excellent and remarkable cartoon made by Disney. They've definitely came a long way to blow me off like that, even made a certain someone teared during the movie (no names mentioned - point!). Teared watching a Cartoon?!


Basically it is a story of how a little boy who became a man who married his partner and became an old man who then met a little boy who wanted to make his dad proud needs the old man's help who wanted to fulfill his wife's childhood dreams, took all of them onto a remarkable journey! =)
For further info, kindly watch the movie, please! Guranteed not to be missed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazily In Love

...with this.

Never thought that I would own a pair of Liquid Leggings. They make my legs extremely hot looking.

It may look uncomfortable wearing them but to my surprise when I slipped it on for modeling, it felt extremely cooling on the skin and really comfortable to be worn too. It is amazing how something as simple as this, makes a huge change to an outfit compared to a normal plain cotton leggings. Sexily HOT!