Friday, September 11, 2009


I know I am suppose to be working but I am going through the dont-feel-like-working-today phase all because today is a FRIDAY! So yes, I am quite excused.

Anyway, what do I do when I am bored and have literally nothing to do?

I try to bug the boyfriend fiance on msn to cure my boredom.
I try to be on FB 24/7 commenting on people's comment and try to find some unique names for myself so that people can comment on my FB and that will keep me occupied for about 5 seconds.
I check out my blog every 30 minutes to see if there are any updates on shopping blogs so that I can eye them with my mouth all drenched in saliva.
I go through my list of favourite links and click on each of them just to see if I have not been updating myself on people's life.
I walk around the office acting like I have so many things to do just to make myself think that I actually do have alot of things to do even when I dont.
I blog - therefore this is the 1 part of me trying to cure my boredom and after this, I'll prolly go find more things to add onto my list of what-to-dos-when-im-bored.

So I came across this blog named after a cheese. Cheese Land. Cheeser Land. blogged by a girl named Cheese. or so that is what she wants people to call her because aparently her real name Ringo Tan doesnt really suits her because when she anagramed it, it meant Ignorant. So she decided to change her name to Rin Tan but that didnt work too because her anagram resulted to In Rant. Or something, I forgot. So she tried Cheesie and it came to I, Cheese which is apparently who she is, so kudos to her! she stucked to that name!

Well, I have nothing more productive to do so I decided to try my name out and my first try for English Sur Second Third (great! now people know who is the blogger!) when struck enter, it came out ENJOY OF YANKEE GUN and I was like WTF! so fine, I tried my REAL name without my self given nama glamour and it came out to be EYE FUNKY GOON..I was like OMFG, is this for real? ok one last try. So I gave English Sur a shot and JENO FANG blinked back at me in BOLD RED and I was like.. OK! Not as bad as the other two actually. Sounded like some Japanese Hit Man!

Feel free to try your own name and see what comes out of it >>

So that has literally washed off 15minutes of my day. What next?

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