Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dimple Maggot cooks : Buttermilk Roast Chicken Rice


I absolutely love Buttermilk. Serve me anything in buttermilk and I'll gobble them with as much rice as I can. So I decided to look up the recipe online, wanting to make my very own buttermilk chicken with rice.

I soon realized that the recipes available online are not of those that I usually eat in Chinese "tai chow" restaurants. Not the normal "na yau" chicken,pork,prawn that I've tasted before so, I tried it anyway and it turned out nice. Not the same, not what I expected but definitely new. I've not tasted anything like that but according to the fiance, he said it taste a lot like the Baked Dory Fish from Manhattan Fish Market that I always ordered. That's the only dish I order from their menu and I love eating it!

Ingredients (2 pax serving) :

• 2 chicken whole leg, chopped to 3 parts each
• 1 cup milk
• 2 tablespoons butter
• 1 cloves garlic, bruised and skins removed
• 1 tablespoon crushed peppercorns
• 1 tablespoon salt
• 1 teaspoon coriander powder
• 1 tablespoon honey

Method :

Heat a small pan and, when it's nice and hot, add butter until melted through.

Add butter into milk and stir.

Place the chicken drumsticks in a large freezer bag or big bowl if you don't have freezer bag, and add buttermilk. Coat chicken with buttermilk throughout. Add the bruised garlic cloves with the crushed peppercorns and salt. Mix through again. Sprinkle in coriander and finally add the honey, use clean hands and have everything mixed to coat the chicken. If using freezer bag, squish and shake them well.

Leave the buttermilk marinated chicken in the fridge ideally overnight or out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours.


Preheat the oven to 220°C. Take the chicken pieces out of the bag shaking off the excess marinade (will be used to make the rice later), and then arrange them in a roasting tin lined with foil, have extras to fold over for baking. Bake for 50 minutes. Open up the top part of the foil and put back the chicken into the oven for another 15 minutes or until brown.


Heat a small pot and, add excess marinate to boil. Add a pinch of salt. Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, wash rice in rice cooker pot. Pour boiled buttermilk and top up with water to the right level shown on rice cooker. Put to cook.

Place chicken out onto the serving plate. Pick garlic out of the foil baking pan and place them around the chicken or if you like, mush them up and spread them over onto the chicken. Lastly, pour remaining sauce/juice onto the chicken.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carlsberg "Where's the Party?" - Day & Night

Since most of you already know what went on, imagine this... quiet, peaceful, serene, just the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, birds flying high and the sun is at full beam..




SO, after hours of being under the sun..Naomi and I left the crazy crowd and went towards the swimming pool where she wanted to take a dip and being a party pooper, I just sat on one of their comfy canopy sofa to chill and stare out at the magnificent view of Golden Palm Tree Resort's infinity pool!


and chamwhored too..


was really really REALLY loving the tattoo :)

so 6pm came close, I headed back to shower and prepare for the night. Let me tell you how great it felt showering under their "rainforest" shower head. I could have just stayed under the shower, FOREVER! but obviously stomach was growling and I wanted food!!


then the night started around 8pm with dance performances followed by live bands from Plain Paper Pursuit, Love Me Butch and RNB Hip Hop Singer Caprice. Saving the best six for last, came all the sexy djs to spin the crowd wild!!


and courtesy of Carlsberg, we were showered with colorful fireworks almost towards the end of the night. It was such a beautiful sight!


At 12am sharp, Wynton and I went to the lobby to catch up on everything. I've not seen that fella for ages because he has been working like a mad and that night was the only time we got to catch up. Oh, caught up we did! LOL! Cheers, Wynton!

Came morning, came rain. It was raining when I woke up and it was pretty hard to wake up at 930am on a fluffy and comfy king size bed! Anyhow I did it because it was the day I finally get to go home to my babycakes! :)


Was wearing the robe that I found in the cupboard! spa-ish! me likes!


While checking out in one of their ballrooms, Carlsberg surprised us with giving us a gift each!


I would like to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to Carlsberg for inviting Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers to be part of this AMAZING 2 days 1 night adventure! Certainly setting the standard pretty high for what an awesome party should be and you've hit the sky! Absolutely amazing which MOST DEFINITELY CALLS FOR A CARLSBERG!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carlsberg "Where's the Party?" - Pick Up & Arrival


It was the morning of 25th June 2011. Almost 300 plus people gathered at Bukit Jalil Carpark B at 10.30am, all set and ready to head onto the bus to the "secret" location. Some said Malacca. Some said Port Dickson. Some even mentioned that they know where the place was, and everybody was so determined that they guessed it right..or so they thought.


I was invited as part of the media for the event. A blogger under the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and only a few of us were on board for this event as most of the members weren't available that weekend. Tim (founder), Andy (official photographer), Naomi, Wilee and myself went as members of MHB, along with two other guest bloggers of MHB were Iris and Racheal.


Upon arriving at the pick up location, I was told to register myself. I got my RFID tag, which I had to pay a deposit of RM20 which was refunded at the end of the trip. This tag is like my pass to everything that day. For the games, for my id as a guest, for my id during security checks and the coolest thing was, whenever I played a game that day, I can scan it on one of their scanners and it shows on my Facebook profile what I've just done at Carlsberg "Where's the Party?".


I had to say bye to the fiance, for the first time in my life when I boarded the bus. Through the entire 8 years that we've been together, we've never been apart for trips and it was pretty difficult to tell myself to not turn back and run away from this trip. He was happy that I had this to experience, so I told myself that this is a once in a lifetime thing, I've got to experience it... and so I boarded the bus.


Each of us was given a packet of KFC lunch box and I was already munching on my drumstick when Andy took a snap! Too hungry to look nice when eating lah.

I was in the media bus and there were media people on board (duh!) with Gerard as our host. I was pretty surprised to see all of the OKR members. Wynton, Shane, Kyle, Gerard and a few other non OKR members..if you must know, OKR means Old Klang Road. We went to the same school, same hang out group, being there for each other during shitty period in life, majorly like brothers and sisters and NOT ONE OF THEM TOLD ME THEY WERE IN IT FOR THIS TRIP! NOT ONE! However I was relieved to see them, they are like brothers I can count on and I know I'll be safe with them around.


It took us about 1.5hours to reach and upon reaching, I just couldn't believe that we were right in front of GOLDEN PALM TREE RESORT! I was bursting with joy inside and I just breathed in every single thing. THE PLACE WAS ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING (excluding the sea). I still couldn't believe it when I was pulling my roller bag, while carrying my handbag and leftover KFC lunch box in the other hand and at the same time adjusting my shades and taking in the whole Carlsberg welcoming bunch at the main entrance lobby of the resort.


I FELT LIKE I WAS IN HAWAII. The crowd was cheering. There were pongos playing. Everything was loud, cheerful and I felt so happy! (must be the vibes) Everyone was shaking my hands. Joey G and Patricia were the main hosts for the event and they greeted us oh-so-happily! I was just stunned..too much positive energy to take in.


So anyway, we went on to one of the rooms for our press conference. Press conference was held by Carlsberg MD Soren and a few Carlsberg board committees. Basically explaining the whole concept of the event and how they place priority in drinking responsibly and having fun at the same time can happen basically anywhere, and especially during the night of the event.


For the party that night, Carlsberg flown in 6 hot female djs to spin and get the crowd rocking. My favourite one was Deejay Charlotte because I absolutely think that she looks like Angelina Jolie and is extremely hot! Seriously, when all the DJs were walking in while Soren was explaining something, nobody was listening because everyone was just starring wide eye at the djs and in between Soren was being funny, he said, "I know right now no one is listening to me..".

Filmed by Daniel & Vernard from 8tv Quickie

So soon after the press conference finished, we were given our keys and I was happy like hell! Finally!! I am all about the resort, baby. Give me any holiday and the first thing I want to check out is the room! So my roomie for the 2days 1night party was Naomi.


In order to go to our rooms, we had to take the buggy because the journey to the room was pretty far. Naomi and I took the first buggy while the rest waited for the next. You can pretty much see my skips on the way towards the room and when we reached, it was pretty much like reaching heaven.


Behind this wooden door lays a beautiful villa.


I found out from Golden Palm Tree Resort website, the name of our villa is Canary Plam Villa and it costs RM1600 plus a night! We've got 2 seperate bedrooms, each attached bathrooms, each balcony overlooking the sea and other villas and a living room where we chilled and played a couple of Electros on their TV.


We chilled for a bit, had leftover KFC because we were starving and that was our lunch, kicked off our sandals and checked out the rest of the villa, unpacked and changed into our swimwear..and headed for where the activities were..