Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For a wholesome breakfast, try Nestle Clusters!

I recently discovered this uber delicious cereal! Nestle Clusters Banana and Nut flavour.


Ever since I've moved into my new house, I've been waking up super early and this is what I eat for breakfast. Also partially dieting as I really wanna slim down on those extra side tyres, I've been taking breakfast, skipping lunch, having tea and ending my day's meal with a light dinner.


What's so healthy about this cereal compared to Nestle Fitness that I usually eat? It has bits of banana and nut mixed with light honey coated cornflakes. The usual cornflakes do not have additional fruits, so this is a plus and I usually add some of my favourite, strawberries or seedless grapes. They aren't really expensive because they tend to last me throughout the week. So that's RM10 a box of strawberries divided by 5 days..rm2 a day for that extra flavor and nutrition needed.

If you've been having the same cereal for the past.. decade, try this! It's really yummy :D


And since everyone is usually on the run in the morning, this breakfast is really easy to put together. Grab some pre-washed strawberries, slice them, dump them into the bowl. Pour cereal, pour milk, grab spoon, gobble down! LOL ~


  1. Looks really good! Gonna try that cereal out! xD Thanks for the tip!

  2. Glad you like the post :) ahahhaah at least it did something useful.. let me know how you like it when you've taken the first bite!