Monday, February 22, 2010

Feelin The Blues?

How was your holiday?

We had a blast during Chinese New Year (although we weren't too lucky with card games such as "21" and "In Between") and surprisingly, we managed to celebrate Valentine's Day too!

We stumbled across this quiet little spanish restaurant called Sentidos Tapas at Starhill Gallery while walking around Bintang Walk, and thought to give it a try as the restaurant was not packed at all compared to the other restaurants that we walked by. We ordered their Valentine's Day Platter to share which cost us RM70/set. The set consisted of 4 delicious grilled Tiger Prawn bites, a piece of Chicken thigh, a slice of mango-infused Fish and a small serving of scallop. The overall taste was just slightly above average when compared to other fine dining restaurants, but the grilled chicken leg had to be one of the best pieces of chicken we've ever tasted!

So, Tong Tong Chiangs and Gong Xi Nis are now over and once again we are back to the usual working Monday. We're feeling the blues today and that's why we arranged a little something to perk up our day with and we would like to share it with you just in case you feel the same too! Check out this funky collage!

220210 Monday Blues

Hope that this will cheer up your Monday! We love that little car clutch!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I know that I've neglected this blog close to a month now and I have a good reason for being MIA. Well, I am actually quite busy now that I've decided to dedicate every free time I have to my clothing business and my fashion blog. Yes, I have a Fashion Blog but am not really gona reveal much now because it's still quite new although I started it like last April I think!

Anyway, the 2 weeks holiday that went by minutes ago was much needed. I slept like a baby, stayed up late like there's no tomorrow, catching up with friends, did some Rayban shopping at Petaling Street, nothing much really except that I kinda lost RM70 in a minute because I was greedy playing "in between" (some gambling thing). However, it was a pretty good gambling session that night at Kev's.

Will be heading to Lang Tengah in another 4days and am so looking forward to it. I wish I was more inspired to blog bout my life right now but Im just too darn lazy because last night I did not get enough sleep and now Im kinda cranky.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

365 Days of Summer with Victoria's Secret

When you get to enjoy 365 days of Summer, with the occasional patches of rain in Malaysia, the island lovers in us will never need to worry about having enough layers to keep ourselves warm during Spring, Fall or Winter.

Come the end of February, we will be heading to a rather untouched island off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia - Somewhere much less commercialized than Redang or Perhentian Island. So we're in desperate need of a new Bikini set and after a fruitless high and low search, realized the rarity of those colourful and irresistibly skimpy swimwear pieces in KL - think Victoria's Secret!

Previously, we've been a pretty loyal customer to a certain swimwear seller at the flea market at The Curve, which to our horror, no longer exists!! Not sure if it's permanent or just during this festive season as most of the vendors there are Chinese, but we sure hope that they will be back soon because we can't find any decent bikinis at non wallet-busting prices.

We saw some pretty amazing ones at Victoria's Secret; price-wise however, not that amazing.
So, we could only look and drool.

Here are some of our favourite picks from their collection of Bandeaus, Halters, Tankinis and Triangle Tops from Victoria's Secret to give you some ideas for your future bikini shopping!


VS Bandeau-1
VS Bandeau-2
VS Bandeau-3


VS Tankini-1

VS Tankini-2

VS Tankini-3

Triangle Top

VS Triangle Top-1

VS Triangle Top-2

VS Triangle Top-3


VS Halter-1

VS Halter-2

VS Halter-3

Got a favourite Swimwear Shop? Well, tell us!