Friday, January 29, 2010

END of January ALREADY!!

Oh my god, you have no idea how excited I am. You know how everyone is moaning and groaning that time is flying by extremely fast and it was as if yesterday was New Years and now another month has passed but I can tell you that I wish it is December already..hmm if only I have that remote Adam Sandler had in Click. Anyways, this month is so over and now I am looking forward to February!

Whats in February for me? Well, I actually recalled not long ago that I mentioned I will be going to Lang Tengah and there's like a month plus to go but nooooo! Not this time!! I only have like 3 more weeks to go and bye bye KL, hellow sea turtles!! Maybe not this time of the year but.. Hello BEACH! Cant you just feel the excitement that I am giving out? I knoww, I can feel every inch of them at my finger tips.

Anyway, besides Lang Tengah, the best thing bout Feruary is I only need to work EIGHT FREAKING DAYS! Thanks to me for not taking leave throughout the year, I had to clear my 2009 leave by March so I took all 8days in February so including all the Public Holidays we are having in February, I only need to work 8 days next month and the month will definitely pass by like I jump across it and landed on March.

Oh, and I am going to Pangkor for 3d/2n during the week before CNY with mah family and baby of course. The downfall. NO BIKINIS! Not infront of my family. NO WAY. My mother will probably die from heart attack. Not sure what on earth we are gona do there since I cant lie down on the deck chair in my bikini reading my novel which is what I usually do when I go to the beach because I find it extremely relaxing to hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore while I read. Perfect!

So next month will probably be the best month I will have for the whole year, I am so looking forward to March already!! That means 8 more months to go until I can say HOME SWEET HOME!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

Its pretty awesome to start the new year with this dish that I invented. Well, it wasnt that complicated but it came to a point where I was quite sick of all the baked rosemary chicken or fish, so I decided to try cooking dinner with something new, which is using the forsaken Red Wine in the fridge.

It actually came out extremely good. Better than I expected. This time, Rosemary wasnt anywhere near the dish!

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

4 strip of medium chicken breast
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
4pcs of brocolli
1/4 cup chopped garlic
1 bottle cap of red wine (white wine recommended for non-colouring purposes)
1 table spoon of vinegar
salt, oil, ground pepper.

Topping & Sides
1) Mix vinegar & oil with the tomatoes. Only mix oil with brocollis.
2) Sprinkle salt & ground pepper.
3) Put everything into the oven for 15minutes, 220'c.

Main Dish
1) Pre-heat frying pan, then add oil.
2) Stir fry chopped garlic till golden brown.
3) Add chicken breast, fry till golden brown.
4) Sprinkle salt, ground pepper & pour red wine.
5) Stir fry till cook.
6) Pour baked tomatoes onto chicken together with all that juicy stuff.
7) Place brocollis on the sides.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Way to End the Week

It's just so sad thinking about it. My house got robbed on Sunday night between 5pm to 11pm. Well, 5pm was because the neighbour left his house and saw that my house gate was still intact. When he came back from Tennis around 10pm, he saw that my house gate was wide open and my house was dark. Judging by the fact that my house was pitch black, I'd conclude that the robbers went in just after my neighbour left his house because it was still evening, plenty of light in the house.

What was stolen? Well, my mom's laptop, her own jewelleries and jewelleries which belonged to my late grandmother that she kept for memories. My step dad's notebook. The watch that baby gave me. A gold necklace with cute eggplant jade pendant that my step grandmother gave me. A gold ring with 7 green diamonds. The bracelet my sister gave me for my 23rd birthday.

The saddest part of this whole robbing thing was when I went to bed after the police came, and suddenly had thoughts of my watch. I switched on the light, and saw that it was gone from my table. Well, because they actually took something so precious to me, I CURSE THAT THEY SUFFER THEIR ENTIRE LIFE (right now cant think of anything nasty, so that shud do for now).

But I am grateful that I wasnt in the house when it happened because it was the exact time where Baby had football and I wanted to go home to do my chores and stuff. Instead this time, I stayed at his house watching Pink Panther 2 while all this happened. I wouldnt wanna imagine what would happened if I were in there.

Would they not break into my house because I was in there? Or would it not make much a difference because I am just a girl?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dazzle I so Love!


Now this! is what I call ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I nearly missed it when I went shopping for new stocks and it has been 1month since I've stopped Clothes For Fun when December was packed with activities. Weddings, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays.. so last weekend I started shopping for stocks and I adore this so damn much. Yeah I know I said that just now but I just cant help it.

Clubbing, babeh! C-l-u-b-b-i-n-g!!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

It has been a hectic 2months for me but since I am doing absolutely nothing now, I'll just blog bout my New year's.

We did it. We went to Genting (at long last!) during New Year's but before that, we dropped by Janda Baik, one of Michelle's friend's spare house. Shall not elaborate people's details but the house is really nice. Had our lunch there. Superb lamb shank & tossed salad with mustard sauce!

New Year 2010-1

After lunch, we headed to Genting. Just baby and I. Oh my excitement literally died when I saw there were MORE THAN THE USUAL CROWD up at Genting. Tourist from China mostly, followed by India and well.. our locals. The place was packed! It was hot and stuffy indoors. Hard to walk comfortably. The best thing was, we did not even get to get on with our usual routine which was to walk the entire place and then during the evening sip coffee at Starbucks. Nope we didnt because Starbucks was full! No place to sit, can you freaking believe it? We drove so damn far and we couldnt even do a single thing that we used to whenever we go Genting for the day. Didnt even get to walk in peace. Absolutely nothing!

New Year 2010-2

I was so damn disappointed, I tell you!

Oh the brighter side of that trip, it was really cold and foggy. Love it when my nose gets cold.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looking Forward to This!

Aren't these pictures beautiful? These are pictures of Lang Tengah, an island off Kuala Terengganu where the marine life are still maintained properly and where it's less commercialized. They said, there's sharks and rays swimming around just few metres away from the shore! Not life threatening ones. I'll be heading there next month with baby and I just cant wait!

Unfortunately, there were no flights where the time is suitable to match the schedule of our boat ride to the resort and vice versa, therefore, we've gota opt for the bus. We headed to Putra Bus Station today and we've gotten ourselves return tickets via Transnasional. I can feel the sand beneath my toes already.

Another 1month and 14days to go and we'll officially be heading to paradise. =D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ferrero Rondnoir

Ferrero Rondnoir-2

Did you know that there's a Dark Chocolate version of Ferrero?!?
Well, if you didnt, IM TELLING YOU it is EXTREMELY SINFUL.

I am a fan of Dark Chocolate and this is really good. Bought a pack of 12 for RM18.90. Kinda difficult to find because apparently, this is Limited! Ferrero only made a couple, so be sure to go to your nearest supermarket to get this. They also sell the chocolates in a pack of 4 for RM6.90.

Ferrero Rondnoir-1
So yummy I tell you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheers To A New Year!


HAPPY 2010!!!

Wow, I cant believe it's another year, another new beginning again!
This year means more than any other year to me because this year I have tonz of things to look forward to and as well moving into the condo with baby. Something I've always always always wanted and have been waiting for.

I just cant believe it. I can finally say that by end of THIS year that I will finally have my own home. By NEXT year that I am going to get married to the man that I love and we will be starting our journey together as husband and wife soon.

THIS year, I will be starting my preparations for the wedding and some for our home. We've already started scouting for the venue. Started looking at Bridal magazines for wedding gown designs, wedding favour ideas and also wedding venue decos.

We'll definitely be very busy this year as I hope that I dont have to rush for wedding stuff to be done last minute and I hope that I'm also able to continue my Clothes For Fun during these busy period of the year because extra money is always something that is good for back up.

Each year that has passed, Ive never made any resolutions for myself. However, it's such a different year for 2010, so I am gonna start with my 2010 resolution. So, here goes :

1) Dye my hair! Yes, my entire life I've only did that once so I must do it again this year.
2) Have my own home! and make it as beautiful as I can!
3) Get wedding stuff done 70%. Hopefully! (fingers crossed)
4) Be slim! Keep eating healthy so that I feel healthy and pwetty!
5) Explore more on make up. Especially those gorgeous fake eyelashes!
6) Go travel more than 2 places.
7) Start exercising. OMG!!
8) Cook more delicious food so that I know when I've got my own home I can treat hubby to delicious meals everyday! =)
9) Love hubby more and more. I like!