Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheers To A New Year!


HAPPY 2010!!!

Wow, I cant believe it's another year, another new beginning again!
This year means more than any other year to me because this year I have tonz of things to look forward to and as well moving into the condo with baby. Something I've always always always wanted and have been waiting for.

I just cant believe it. I can finally say that by end of THIS year that I will finally have my own home. By NEXT year that I am going to get married to the man that I love and we will be starting our journey together as husband and wife soon.

THIS year, I will be starting my preparations for the wedding and some for our home. We've already started scouting for the venue. Started looking at Bridal magazines for wedding gown designs, wedding favour ideas and also wedding venue decos.

We'll definitely be very busy this year as I hope that I dont have to rush for wedding stuff to be done last minute and I hope that I'm also able to continue my Clothes For Fun during these busy period of the year because extra money is always something that is good for back up.

Each year that has passed, Ive never made any resolutions for myself. However, it's such a different year for 2010, so I am gonna start with my 2010 resolution. So, here goes :

1) Dye my hair! Yes, my entire life I've only did that once so I must do it again this year.
2) Have my own home! and make it as beautiful as I can!
3) Get wedding stuff done 70%. Hopefully! (fingers crossed)
4) Be slim! Keep eating healthy so that I feel healthy and pwetty!
5) Explore more on make up. Especially those gorgeous fake eyelashes!
6) Go travel more than 2 places.
7) Start exercising. OMG!!
8) Cook more delicious food so that I know when I've got my own home I can treat hubby to delicious meals everyday! =)
9) Love hubby more and more. I like!

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