Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

Its pretty awesome to start the new year with this dish that I invented. Well, it wasnt that complicated but it came to a point where I was quite sick of all the baked rosemary chicken or fish, so I decided to try cooking dinner with something new, which is using the forsaken Red Wine in the fridge.

It actually came out extremely good. Better than I expected. This time, Rosemary wasnt anywhere near the dish!

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Red Wine

4 strip of medium chicken breast
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
4pcs of brocolli
1/4 cup chopped garlic
1 bottle cap of red wine (white wine recommended for non-colouring purposes)
1 table spoon of vinegar
salt, oil, ground pepper.

Topping & Sides
1) Mix vinegar & oil with the tomatoes. Only mix oil with brocollis.
2) Sprinkle salt & ground pepper.
3) Put everything into the oven for 15minutes, 220'c.

Main Dish
1) Pre-heat frying pan, then add oil.
2) Stir fry chopped garlic till golden brown.
3) Add chicken breast, fry till golden brown.
4) Sprinkle salt, ground pepper & pour red wine.
5) Stir fry till cook.
6) Pour baked tomatoes onto chicken together with all that juicy stuff.
7) Place brocollis on the sides.


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