Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Island of Sun, Sea, Sand & Booze

After 365days + 90days + a few more days, I finally found my paradise in Pulau Redang, an island off Kuala Terrengganu, Malaysia.


I've been to Pulau Perhentian and Lang Tengah which are also off Kuala Terrengganu, but Pulau Redang is said to be the most commercialized and it is true. The whole 4days and 3nights of my stay there with the bunch of monkeys I call friends, we had the most awesome time of our lives.


During the day we snorkel and bathe under the rays of sun. During the evening we read, kick ball and had fun. During the night, we partied like we were in Kuala Lumpur.


Comparing to the other trips I've made with friends, I can say that this one is the most relax vacation ever as there were no arguments, no waiting and last minute plans and stuff. Everything was go-with-the-flow situation and there were only smiles and laughter, oh, and dancing as well to.....wait for it... mixes from DJ CHONG!


Now, let me tell you guys the funny thing about this dj. You will never ever find a dj in KL as AWHSAMMM as DJ Chong. Why? Because he is just AWHSAMM! Just by the name DJ Chong, you know what kind of dj he is! With only little dj vocab in his book, he gets the crowd pumping by saying alot of, "PEEEPPOU IN DAH HAUSSSSS, DANCE LIKKEEE A GSIX!" or maybe you can sometimes hear, "Y U NO DANCE?" or something like, "WHERE IS MY BABY? I AM STILL LOOKING FOR MY BABY".. so really, one of a kind dj I would say but we really didn't mind because we created our own dance floor by lining up deck chairs and dancing to whatever he spinned, eventhough at one part where he leaned forward to say something into the mic, his tummy sorta pushed the pause button on his set and the mix was stopped...awkward but we still didn't mind as we had a bottle of JD to keep us company.

With clear jet black skies at night, we saw millions of twinkling stars shining upon us and saw a couple of shooting stars. Made a wish, obviously!


4days and 3night of nothing but fun and relaxation. Definitely another holiday to come :)


Oh, apart from my supposedly waterproof camera, blacked out after going underwater..everything was perfect!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

[Advertorial] Jaz Fresh Food Review at 17 Saloon @ Sunway Giza


It was my second time at Sunway Giza. I was first introduced to Sunway Giza when TIC threw a bazaar there and I went there as a shopper. The place is fairly new, modern contemporary with full floor to ceiling windows for most of the restaurants there.

Sunway Giza holds mostly eatery places and I had the chance to re-visit Sunway Giza again for the second time. This time for Jaz Fresh Food Review with a few of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers at 17 Saloon, a week old corner restaurant.


Something about 17 Saloon makes me want to spend more of my time just chilling there.


When I was looking out for the restaurant, I did not expect to see a lovely little blue and white corner unit, with cozy down to earth decor, a choice of indoor and alfresco dining area, calm music flowing from a quaint little JUKEBOX that they have and friendly faces around enjoying pints of Jaz Fresh served by their very own Jaz Fresh girls! :D


First up, have you heard of Jaz Fresh? Well, if you've not, this is the right post for you as you wouldn't want to miss out on what Jaz Fresh beer is all about.


Did you know that Jaz Fresh contains no additives or preservatives, it is strictly unfiltered and unpasteurised, leaving behind a notable amount of live yeast that keeps the beer 'alive'? Filtering the yeast removes most of the B vitamins and other nutriens like chromium therefore it can be said that unfiltered beers are more nutritious.


Jaz Fresh is made from the finest natural ingredients and has a 7-day shelf life policy and is stored under optimum conditions to maintain the beer quality. You can expect fresh, crisp, and 100% natural ingredients from Jaz Fresh.

Jaz Fresh is also best enjoyed at 3* Celsius. The beer is cloudy and golden in colour. Jaz Fresh is a medium bodied beer balanced with a delicate touch of hops which leaves a fragrant aroma and balanced flavour. Inspired by the German style beer brewing tradition, the natural-gentle carbonisation complements the hops aroma with a pleasant bitterness.

What's not to love? Enjoying great beer while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Oh, and the best thing is Jaz Fresh comes in 3 beer-licious flavours!


There's Jaz Fresh, Jaz Fresh Aromatic, Jaz Fresh Lychee (will be launched at 17 Saloon in May) Awesomeness!


So we were served with 17 Saloon's finest dishes and we had Jaz Fresh Lager accompanying most of the dishes. I would have to admit that I was amazed that Jaz Fresh actually tasted great even with 10 different types of dishes we had that night as I know that certain types of food available outside wouldn't go great with beer. So, an added point to Jaz Fresh! Hmmm, no wonder every table that night had Jaz Fresh by pints!


So that night, these were the dishes that 17 Saloon made specially for us! No worries, they are all available on their menu.

15 Seafood Curry Udon RM19.70
Seafood Curry Udon RM19.70+

This was our first dish. I personally have not tried eating udon before, moreover with curry! So I was a little curious as to how it will taste like. First bite sent my taste buds to thumbs up! Freshly cooked squids and crabsticks, curry isn't too spicy which was perfect for me and it was simply exquisite! Love it!

16 Curry Chicken Cheese Baked Spaghetti RM16.90
Curry Chicken Cheese Baked Spaghetti RM16.90+

The curry tasted a little bit tomato-ish which was very light and tangy. Not too spicy either and it was LOADED with cheese! They have pretty interesting dishes, seriously!

17 Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice RM16.40
Pork Chop Cheese Baked Rice RM16.40+

This was lightly baked and extremely tasty. Love the pork strips!

24 Classic Thick Toast RM4.30
Classic Thick Toast RM4.30+

A little bit too sweet to my liking but for those who loveeeee condense milk, this is the toast for you! The toast is actually very thick and fluffy which was spread with rich creamy peanut butter and butter :) Everything about it screamed fattening (for us girls) but it was really good that we ate it all up in a second!

18 Ostrich Fillet RM20.90
Ostrich Fillet RM20.90+

Have you ever eaten ostrich meat before? I haven't so my verdict of an ostrich meat is very very cheewy and tough. I would actually prefer beef but it was something different so I had fun eating it too. Now I can tell people that I've tasted ostrich! Anyhoo, this dish tasted very nice and light.

19 Steak Skewer RM11.30
Steak Skewer RM11.30+

Unlike the ostrich fillet, this steak skewer was leaner and sweeter in taste. Definitely a beer snack because it went very well with my Jaz Fresh beer that night :)

20 Prawn Skewer RM16.90
Prawn Skewer RM16.90+

LOVE THE MARINADE! Whatever they skewer the prawns with were good!

21 Baby Squid RM7.30
Baby Squid RM7.30+

You can classify the taste to be the same as the prawn skewer except that these were fresh baby squids.

22 Prawn Sausages RM7.30
Prawn Sausages RM7.30+

OH YUM! I sorta had the hots for this! It was my favourite among all the skewers I've tasted! Red-ish orange on the inside and covered with sauce that tasted almost like teriyaki on the outside.

23 Pan Fried Fish RM11.90
Pan Fried Fish RM11.90+

You know how sometimes when you order black pepper sauce with grilled chicken and when the black pepper sauce isn't made properly, you'll probably get that weird/cockroach-y after taste? No? Well, I've had countless experiences on that and when I had the first bite of their fish dipped in black pepper sauce, it tasted really good! I love their black pepper. The fish was a little bit on the starchy side, but it definitely wasn't dory. Dory is the cheapest fish any restaurant can offer but if your fish & chips or fish dishes are not dory then you'll definitely know that the restaurant serves only good stuff.

If you are a rice person, add a bowl of rice at RM1 only! Very reasonable I would say!


Then, it was time for our tummy to indulge in DESSERTS! Ohh, their desserts are awesome.

27 Flourless Chocolate Cake RM8.90
Flourless Chocolate Cake RM8.90/pc

This cake was made flourless! Hence the name! Tasted really good. Sort of like a chocolate tiramisu with dark chocolate topping.

28 Mini Round Cake RM10.90
Mini Round Cake RM10.90/pc

Topped with Dark Chocolate and tasted of smooth mousse.

26 Blueberry Cheesecake RM10.90
Blueberry Cheesecake RM10.90/pc

I am not a fan of blueberry but it was more of a New York cheesecake.

29 Opera Cake RM10.90
Opera Cake RM10.90/pc

And this is my FAVOURITE! I had like most of it and it is a combination of chocolate layered with coffee and hints of blueberry jam. Great job to 17 Saloon for creating such a lovely combination. Who would have thought of coffee and blueberry!

Had such a lovely time dining with MHB peeps at 17 Saloon and accompanying most of my meals with Jaz Fresh beer.

Us with Jaz Fresh girls! Aren't they cute?

Us with Timmo, founder of MHB!

With our lovely photographer, Andy Kho and his apprentice, Sandy right in front!


17 Saloon
B-9-G, Sunway Giza, No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14
PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
T: 010-427 9160

GPS Coordinates

Jaz Fresh Happy Hour Promotion :
Open to 7pm : Buy 1 Free 1
7pm to 9pm : Buy 1 Free Half

1 Pint - RM26+
1/2 Pint - RM13.50+
1 Keg (2 litre) - RM100+

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Been down with the BUG

Thank God for the extra 1 day weekend! Seriously, I've been deprived of getting enough snooze plus rest. Hence, I am down with the flu/cough/sorethroat bug since Friday.

I felt weird when I woke up. All heated up, plus my nose was blocked and it was a day before Hennessy (for crying out loud!). So I went straight to the clinic, told the doc to give me everything I need so that it doesn't get worse. Funny thing is she only gave me flu meds (day & night) and I had to ask her for lozenges because my throat was feeling funny and I knew something was about to come (sorethroat lah abuden). She hesitated! wtf! I mean I knew what was coming and she didn't wanna give me my lozenges until I convinced her twice (she must be planning to get me to visit her again, ciss!).


So happily went back and popped all my meds, hoping to feel better and had to cancel Zouk with friends. Something about some DJ named Markus Shulz that will be spinning in Zouk with goth like spins, but noooOoo! I woke up on Hennessy day and had the worst night ever. I took those meds and I felt way sleepy but I couldn't sleep no matter how I twisted and turned. So, in the morning I felt like I had nothing left in me to actually get up. Went to the pharmacy to get some cough syrup and lozenges (this time, medicated ones). Unlike the lozenges that the doc gave, which was pathetic because they were small orange round ones that tasted much more like vitamin c than any real lozenges.


Had to cancel my 2weeks worth of Hennessy planning! This included registering on their FB page, choosing my dress, asking people who wanna party with me at Hennessy because I had about 3 extra passes and apparently missing out on nothing much, to sleep at 9pm when people started partying at that time. What I heard the next day from my friends was that the party was OKAYLAH, nothing compared to JW Black Circuit (which I did not go for either) and the top of Opera's plaster ceiling collapsed! OMG! Thank God I was not there.

Then on Sunday, went over to OVO at Damansara Uptown to celebrate a friend's birthday and she got proposed on that very night as well from my friend who is now her fiance! Congrats you two love birds!

So much for the long weekend. I am here right now, at home in front of my laptop answering emails and measuring dresses. Back to work alright! On a brighter note, Redang in 15days!