Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Been down with the BUG

Thank God for the extra 1 day weekend! Seriously, I've been deprived of getting enough snooze plus rest. Hence, I am down with the flu/cough/sorethroat bug since Friday.

I felt weird when I woke up. All heated up, plus my nose was blocked and it was a day before Hennessy (for crying out loud!). So I went straight to the clinic, told the doc to give me everything I need so that it doesn't get worse. Funny thing is she only gave me flu meds (day & night) and I had to ask her for lozenges because my throat was feeling funny and I knew something was about to come (sorethroat lah abuden). She hesitated! wtf! I mean I knew what was coming and she didn't wanna give me my lozenges until I convinced her twice (she must be planning to get me to visit her again, ciss!).


So happily went back and popped all my meds, hoping to feel better and had to cancel Zouk with friends. Something about some DJ named Markus Shulz that will be spinning in Zouk with goth like spins, but noooOoo! I woke up on Hennessy day and had the worst night ever. I took those meds and I felt way sleepy but I couldn't sleep no matter how I twisted and turned. So, in the morning I felt like I had nothing left in me to actually get up. Went to the pharmacy to get some cough syrup and lozenges (this time, medicated ones). Unlike the lozenges that the doc gave, which was pathetic because they were small orange round ones that tasted much more like vitamin c than any real lozenges.


Had to cancel my 2weeks worth of Hennessy planning! This included registering on their FB page, choosing my dress, asking people who wanna party with me at Hennessy because I had about 3 extra passes and apparently missing out on nothing much, to sleep at 9pm when people started partying at that time. What I heard the next day from my friends was that the party was OKAYLAH, nothing compared to JW Black Circuit (which I did not go for either) and the top of Opera's plaster ceiling collapsed! OMG! Thank God I was not there.

Then on Sunday, went over to OVO at Damansara Uptown to celebrate a friend's birthday and she got proposed on that very night as well from my friend who is now her fiance! Congrats you two love birds!

So much for the long weekend. I am here right now, at home in front of my laptop answering emails and measuring dresses. Back to work alright! On a brighter note, Redang in 15days!

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