Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Island of Sun, Sea, Sand & Booze

After 365days + 90days + a few more days, I finally found my paradise in Pulau Redang, an island off Kuala Terrengganu, Malaysia.


I've been to Pulau Perhentian and Lang Tengah which are also off Kuala Terrengganu, but Pulau Redang is said to be the most commercialized and it is true. The whole 4days and 3nights of my stay there with the bunch of monkeys I call friends, we had the most awesome time of our lives.


During the day we snorkel and bathe under the rays of sun. During the evening we read, kick ball and had fun. During the night, we partied like we were in Kuala Lumpur.


Comparing to the other trips I've made with friends, I can say that this one is the most relax vacation ever as there were no arguments, no waiting and last minute plans and stuff. Everything was go-with-the-flow situation and there were only smiles and laughter, oh, and dancing as well to.....wait for it... mixes from DJ CHONG!


Now, let me tell you guys the funny thing about this dj. You will never ever find a dj in KL as AWHSAMMM as DJ Chong. Why? Because he is just AWHSAMM! Just by the name DJ Chong, you know what kind of dj he is! With only little dj vocab in his book, he gets the crowd pumping by saying alot of, "PEEEPPOU IN DAH HAUSSSSS, DANCE LIKKEEE A GSIX!" or maybe you can sometimes hear, "Y U NO DANCE?" or something like, "WHERE IS MY BABY? I AM STILL LOOKING FOR MY BABY".. so really, one of a kind dj I would say but we really didn't mind because we created our own dance floor by lining up deck chairs and dancing to whatever he spinned, eventhough at one part where he leaned forward to say something into the mic, his tummy sorta pushed the pause button on his set and the mix was stopped...awkward but we still didn't mind as we had a bottle of JD to keep us company.

With clear jet black skies at night, we saw millions of twinkling stars shining upon us and saw a couple of shooting stars. Made a wish, obviously!


4days and 3night of nothing but fun and relaxation. Definitely another holiday to come :)


Oh, apart from my supposedly waterproof camera, blacked out after going underwater..everything was perfect!!

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