Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do NOT call me a House Wife

..all because I've had enough with people calling me that. I am not a house wife and just because I will be WORKING from home, doesn't make me a Siu Lai Lai or a House Wife.

The definition of a House Wife, is when you (female) are married and do not work AT ALL! Do not generate income for the house, just cook, clean, watch tv, chit chat on the phone, go shopping, sleep, swim, gym, and have all the time in the world to do nothing but all that and it is the other way round for me even if I am like mostly 24/7 at home does not make me a HOUSE WIFE! I work 24/7 ok, literally!

Here, I actually went to Wikipedia to search the TRUE meaning of a house wife so that in the future, if you so much so as open your mouth to call me a house wife, this is for you, in your face :

"Housewife is a term used to describe a married woman with household responsibilities who is not employed outside the home. Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her household."

Nuff said.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fai's 24th + Shogun = AWESOME night!

Went to Zouk last Friday for a long lost friend's 24th Birthday celebration. Met a few other long lost friends as well. Had a great night meeting bunch of other friends and partying the night away till 5am. ~ next day woke up at 3pm, all drained but it was all worth it :D

Fai's 24th Birthday over at Velvet

Clara + I. Long lost friend no.1

Fai. Long lost friend no.2

Fai getting drown.

Me + Wee Sern. Long lost friend no.3

Table hopping, Velvet

Straight, kononnye

Crazy Bunch

Kai Hsin, Baby + I (was a little tipsy). Now I know why girls love to do kissing poses!

Over at Mainroom, DJ Shogun was spinning!

Kev + Baby

Made a new friend. Trisha + I

Baby dearest + I

Mei Yin + Charmane + I

Chris + I

Another crazy bunch

Kev + I

Hopped over to Gosh, Heritage row at 3am!

Cheers all around!

Mei Yin + Marcus (zzz already..)

Sorta doing the row boat thingie which was weird, really..

Cheers to you, yours truly :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fifty Two and counting @ Flying Chillies

So last Thursday marked 14th of April, the exact date Titanic sank and the birth of my mom 52 years ago.

This time, instead of having Japanese, I suggested that we have a nice Thai meal at Flying Chillies, Gardens Midvalley Megamall.

We had Belacan Kangkong (my favourite!), Pandan Chicken (her favourite!), Omellete with little shrimps (his favourite!) and a bowl of Spicy Tom Yum soup (everyone's favourite!)


The bill came up to slightly over a hundred. Not too bad for 3 people. The food was really good! We enjoyed ourselves and had a few self portrait (now they call that instead of cam-whoring, they who? dunno?) sessions.


Then we walked around Gardens. Went into Sony because I wanted to check out the new Sony LCD Internet TV and while making my way to the TV section, I was pulled over to the camera section because something caught my eyes.

The new Sony TX10 in amazing blue! Spent almost an hour there because I was playing with the functions. I was so awed by the technology it has. The trainee, Ram was extremely helpful with every question that I bombarded him but I didn't really find the other guy whom I think is Ram's manager or supervisor to be helpful because he couldn't really answer my only question directed at him which was whether VGA is a standard 480 x 640 size and whether the TX10 holds that size for it's VGA option. You know what he told me? He said he doesn't know, can't check, told me I'll only know when I upload my photos onto my computer and if it is not that size, I can edit it by photoshop.

That guy has got to be kidding me because that was what he answered after I told him I have an online business where I take 100s of photos and he actually expects me to be intrigued by the camera if I happen to buy it and then find out if it is not the size I need, I have to go and upload all of my photos of the hundreds at photoshop and manually resize them to 480 x 640 one by one. What the ...

So I changed my mind about the camera. Decided to go find out more about it because I wasn't happy with that stupid supervisor's answer (he totally blew my happy mood from all the great answers his trainee gave me) as it showed me how lazy he was to GO AND CHECK THE SPECS OF THE CAMERA. You know why I said that? It was because I went home, went to Sony's website, checked on the TX10 specs and LO' BEHOLD! They listed all the sizes TX10 provided and I saw VGA (480 X 640).


Anyways, forget that. I went to PJ Digital Mall during the weekend and got myself the camera in the colour that first caught my eye. Let me tell you, it was definitely love at first sight :D

To date, I am extremely happy with the camera. Takes absolutely amazing shots under low light, panaroma shots, underwater shots (yes! for my Redang trip next month) and so much more that I would have to tell you about it in another post dedicated to just blogging about how amazing Sony TX10 is :D


So stay tuned my maggots because I've got another round of Food Review coming up next Tuesday with the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and a night of endless fun at Hennessy Artistry next Saturday! Holler if you see me :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree @ Pavilion

Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree at Pavilion last Wednesday was all about prestige, art and passion.


Just as I've promised, this is THE blog post of Kronenbourg 1664 together with Le Madame Q Fashion Group, collaborating to bring a taste of France into a week-long French Fashion Soiree in Kuala Lumpur.

Along with a few members of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and the fiance, I sat through an eventful night filled with catwalk of three France's finest fashion label.


This event was organized in conjunction with the flagship opening of French fashion labels such as Morgan de Toi, Celio (men) and Thierry Mugler (jewelry) in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and was officiated by Minister of Tourism, T.B. Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

As guests of the fashion show came pouring in, we were served with a few tiny delicious food bites to keep us occupied. I did not really expect a whole lot from the bites compared to the fashion show that I was about to witness but from the first bite I took of the fruit tart that was served, I fell in love.


It tasted exactly like the little ones that I bought from The Loaf sometimes, and I actually got greedy and kept eyeing the waitress out of the corner of my eye so that I know when to call out for her when I've completely finished mine. *smiles with alot of teeth showing.

Adding on to the French touch, Kronenbourg 1664 had an elegant bar next to the fashion runway to serve their specially brewed beer which aromatic flavour lingers long after the first tatse. Guests enjoyed free flow of Kronenbourg 1664 and were served by ladies dressed in their French inspired outfits. (ooo-La-La!)


Korenbourg 1664 was served that night, so I had a bottle and for a non-beer drinker, I didn't mind it at all. It was a little bit stronger compared to Paulaner but much better than the usual Tiger, Carlsberg and Heneiken as they are much more bitter and stronger compared to Kronenbourg 1664.

With Kronenbourg 1664 being the best selling premium beer in France and Le Madame Q Fashion Group being the leading retailer of French fashion labels in Malaysia, this event was set to mesmerize guests with France's finest.

So what is Kronenbourg 1664 all about?
Kronenbourg 1664 is a super premium beer that was named after the year Jerome Hatt, the founder of Brasseries Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. Since the fifties, Brasseries Kronenbourg is France's leading beer company, with a unique 350-year know-how and a famous portfolio of beer brands. In 2008, Brasseries Kronenbourg became 100% part of the Carlsberg Group. Today, Kronenbourg 1664 is the best-selling super premium beer in France and is sold in more than 70 countries.

As we waited for the fashion show to begin, I did a little photo snapping with some of the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers.

That is me! along with Jessica and Nicholle (L)

Sarah, the super quirky and cheerful of MHB member and I

Nicole (R), my longest friend in MHB as I've known her since a few years ago and her friend

Stage all French-ed with France's Eiffel Tower and guests waiting impatiently for the show to begin

Soon after as I was looking through the photos, the event started with an introduction of Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree by a very pretty host whose name I have no clue but was appraising her dress the whole night.

Purple looks absolutely gorgeous on her skin tone!

First on the runway, Morgan de Toi.


Next was Celio (men) and this was rather epic. You've got to hear this. As soon as the first male model appeared on the runway, ABSOLUTELY every girl (and maybe some guys) in the audience and I ABSOLUTELY MEANT ABSOLUTELY, yours truly included, went "WAHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHH WAHHHHH" for as long as the male model was walking forward and then back where he came from. You wanna know why? Let me show you WHY.


This is an ABSOLUTELY smart move to catch the attention of audiences like us. Starting with a half naked male model right, yeap! Smart. And then after the "WAHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHH WAHHHHH", yours truly was aware that the fiance was sitting beside. Guilty as charged! Anyways....going on with the fashion show..


Last was Theirry Mugler (pronounce Miuler, not Mug Ler)


Sorry with the lack of pictures. The fiance was taking them at first and then slowed down absolutely because he said everything looked the same. =_="

So, that was my night of another fashion show and I hope that you enjoyed ogling at the photos. After the show ended, we gathered for a photoshoot.

L-R : Nicholle, Jessica, Steph's sis, Stephanie, Me, Sarah and Naomi.

I know lah, I look so retarded because I was facing the wrong way but that wasn't the case ok! Tim told me to face Steph and Sarah was suppose to face my back but then she said the other side was her nice side, so I didn't know which way was what and who and how, but I ended up facing the wrong way! T_T

Retarded aside, I absolutely enjoyed myself! As you already know, I am a fan of all fashion stuff and to witness models and clothes on a runway at the same time is such a thrill for me! Can't wait to attend more of these. I can definitely get use to this!

Yours truly, stay tuned my maggots! All the love ~