Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unofficial Food Review at Super GP Caffee @ Taipan USJ & Behind the Scenes of Porsche Cayenne Hybrid photoshoot with Autogridz

It is funny how I am going backwards, blogging about things that has happened 3 weeks ago. Embarrassing-nye but then what to do, no time mah!

So, 3 weeks ago I tagged along with the Autogridz team for a test drive of the new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and had a feel of the car for about more than 4 hours. Before they prepared for the photoshoot, for the car to be featured in their upcoming issue, we made our way to the 1 week old (then) Super GP Caffee situated somewhere around Taipan, USJ.

I was a little bit curious about the name of the restaurant at first. Super GP? Like Super Grand Prix GP? Yeap, exactly that and truth to its name, the whole restaurant was decorated Grand Prix-ish and I was impressed! Oh, and they specifically reserve spots for Super Cars to park right in front of their restaurant. Sweeeett! (so no super cars no parking lah! hmmph)

Anyways, a little introduction on the layout of the restaurant.

This is the 1st floor. See! Everything Grand Prix-ish! They were playing Fast & Furious when I was there.

1st floor where the stage is located. I am guessing that in the future they will be hosting events and stuff here, car related most probably.

This is the 2nd floor.

Grand Prix wall paper lining the second floor! I told you so, didn't I?

They have this chilli red snooker table on the 3rd floor which is a beauty! at sight Damion and Jing wanted to try it out but they didn't have the permit for it yet.

What a sight from the 3rd floor! Below that is the main entrance on the 1st floor.

Wall of fame of all things Grand Prix on the 3rd floor just by the snooker table.

So yea, now that you've gotten an idea of what the place looks like, here comes the food. We ordered different dishes to try out and .. I know this is very embarrassing .. but genius here didn't take down the name and price of the food because I thought I could remember everything but who knew I waited 3 whole weeks to blog about this and then I forgot! Nevermind that, I found their website and luckily they provided their menu for me to recap!

Kay, now here we go with the food ..

Damion's bigass camera!

Right, the food ...

Mushroom Chicken & Cheese RM27.90

Mushroom & Cheese Burger RM19.90

The fiance ordered this and I took a bite of their patty. It was absolutely delicious, no kidding you! Better than most of the beef burger I've ever had but then the manager mentioned that they will be revamping their menu soon before their launch so, this might not taste the same anymore.

GP Burger RM19.90

Curry Laksa RM8.90

Tom Yam Fried Rice RM8.90

I had this, and they had a slight problem with the deep fryer. I had to send back my chicken wings four times until they had it right because it wasn't entirely cooked. At the end, they gave me a plate of four chicken wings. ON THE HOUSE! :D


Chicken wings aside, the fried rice was good.

After about an hour at the Caffee, Damion, the fiance and I headed to Putrajaya for the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid photoshoot. We got there about 1130pm and had trouble with the lighting. However, the view was fantastic! Love roaming Putrajaya at night. Something KL doesn't have.

Was playing with the ISO of my camera and finally had a good shot of it in low lighting. Super steady at ISO 80 ok! Don't play play!

Then we headed back to Metropolitan Square's parking lot to shoot the rest of the car. I had a bit of photoshooting madness myself in the carpark as well..LOL

NO LEFT TURN, SO REVERSE! I know it doesn't make sense, just making things up as I blog. LOL

When I saw this I was speechless. I giggled to myself because I thought, only reserved for WHITE & ORANGE cars! AHAHAHAHA then I tried sharing this joke with the fiance but he just looked at me funny, and said, "WHITE & ORANGE is a company la, b" =_=" ~

So by 130am, we called it a night and they had to continue the next morning for exterior shots..I had fun though :)

My verdict of the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, it is sleek, air plane-ish interior, luxurious, fit for business outings & family oriented, the thing can be adjusted high and low, yo! What more can I say?


Peace out, your one and only dimple maggot!

Super GP Caffee
55-A, grd Floor
Jalan USJ10/1F
Taipan, Subang Jaya

Business Hours
Everyday : 11.00 am - 3.00am

T : +603 – 8023 7229
E :
W :


  1. will try this GP Caffee tonite with my hubby.. hopefully i will enjoying this.