Friday, June 29, 2012

The Threesome Party!

Two weeks ago, we celebrated 2 Birthdays and 1 Farewell. All in all it was The Threesome Party at Library MV. The day after that, MAJOR HANGOVER and I forgot half the night. The best thing was, it wasn't even my birthday. LOL

tze's farewell, birthday boys dayton & baby
killer #1 - a barrel of carlsberg
killer #2 - my princess long island tower

Well, blame the princess Long Island tower that I ordered. It was super delicious and it was a month long worth of sickness that kept me away from good stuff and that night I had to indulge in one of my favourite cocktail drink because I was finally well! Hence, the out of control intake of Long Island.

my birthday boy :D
me & tze
dayton & i
chuen, marcus, bday boy & ash
me and my girls
chris & bday boy

I rarely recalled what happened but judging from the pictures, I am guessing I had fun! LOL. The most important thing was people who mattered came and that's the best present for the birthday boys and the farewell dude.

the funny thing : three of them started drinking. dayton's straw melted. baby couldn't take it. tze was still drinking. lol


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mc Cafe Tryout!


Round and round we went looking for the new Mc Cafe at Kota Damansara. We tried using Google Maps but failed. Tried using Foursquare check-ins as a guide and failed miserably because we ended up on a highway. Then we called one of our friends who stays around the area and managed to FINALLY *GG* find the place.

So much for being excited. We were grumpy, thirsty and tired by the time we parked and realized that the cafe was actually in Mc Donalds and not a cafe on its own. If you aren't from that area, you will probably get lost finding the place because the banner and ads of Mc Cafe is only shown as Mc Cafe at Kota Damansara. Like, hello? Does it really trouble you to add the address as well?

Anyway, the much too hyped up Mc Cafe is none other than another Mc Donalds with an additional coffee counter. Like it or not, you will be surrounded with kids screaming their lunges off and people talking way to loud for comfort.


In the end, we decided that it wasn't worth the journey because the coffee wasn't much. It was pretty okay for the price if it was just for the sake of having a cup of coffee but it wasn't much compared to the nicer ones I've tried.

my cuppa cappuccino rm6.50
mocha & latte rm6.50/large cup (if not mistaken)
blueberry cheesecake rm9.90/slice

What I was impressed with was the presentation of my cappuccino. I loved looking at the "M" sign before I was forced to drink it. LOL.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frogskins vs Aviators!

I've been going out of town alot these days, now that I realized. Recently, a couple of us took a trip up to Genting Highlands, Pahang for a day trip. All of us decided to ride the cable car and we forgot how it used to feel like sitting it when we were younger. It's funny how we have neglected childhood experiences just because we have cars to take us all the way up now. A return ticket only costs RM12, RM8 if one way.

see these two monkeys ~ lol

We had lunch at the usual bakery, The Bakery (and it is the only bakery there). It was pretty expensive because the total bill that came up for both baby & I were RM60 plus but their food was good. All in all we had Roasted Beef Sandwich, Salted Beef Bagel, Turkey Ham Sandwich, Caesar Salad, More Salad, and Curry Chicken in Bread thingie.

mushroom quiche
chicken curry in bread thingie
roasted beef sandwich

We made our way to the theme park after lunch. It was RM50 per entry for adults (outdoor only). I couldn't sit any of their rides because I had cough and sorethroat. Couldn't scream, right.. so ended up sitting boat ride at Dinosaur land and Antique Car ride~! Antique car was awesome! LOL. I've always wanted to sit that ride every time baby & I took a trip there but couldn't find the entrance :( The rest went for adrenaline pumping rides like The Corkscrew & Solero Shot while Jess & I stayed behind to watch and drank hot milo. :D


Overall, we had so much fun that day. It's also some sort of a last trip before one of my friends take off to SG for work. Can't wait for the next group trip again!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of macarons, pastels, & all things sweet


The other day, baby surprised me by bringing home two boxes of macarons from an event he attended. Macarons made specially by Nathalie's Gourmet. Nathalie's Gourmet is a quaint little French Restaurant located at Solaris Dutamas. As I recalled, their mains were really delicious and they have one of the best homemade macarons. So, when I got the box of macarons, I did not hold back. Silly me, ate all at one go and felt absolutely sick in the stomach. BUT it was really really good, especially the one in caramel. Oolala!


After complaining like a million times about how my hair is a complete disaster and probably half dead, I FINALLY went over to Curlers & Trimmers to get my hair fixed! My attempt at making my hair "wavy" by perming it did not turn out to be a smart move because at that time, I didn't realize that I couldn't comb my hair once I've permed and as a result, my hair tend to be in knots which was really painful to my scalp. So ladies, think really REALLY hard if you want to go for permanent perm. I wouldn't do it again if you dared me to.

Made an appointment at Curlers last Tuesday and sat for approximately 6 hours till Nani (my stylist) chemically transformed my hair into a beautiful sheet of satin! That was exactly how it felt! I went through the process of Relaxing, which is actually similar to Rebonding but less damaging and more natural looking. I specifically told Nani that I really want wavy ends and not straight ends, so she made sure to curl my hair during the process of Relaxing so that my ends will end up the way I want them to. It's usually not in the process of Relaxing to have wavy ends but if you want your hair to be that way, make sure to let your stylist know or else you'll end up with straight ends.


Curlers & Trimmers is located at Desa Sri Hartamas and I've never been disappointed by them. They are really professional and know what they are doing. Also, I love how they don't insist on making small talks. I sat the whole 6 hours reading magazines and my novel. If you are interested in giving them a try, you can contact them at 03-2300 1938. Oh, and they are having an on going promotion of 20% off on any hair services every Monday to Wednesday. Good luck!

By the way, I've just updated Clothes For Fun with really lovely lace pieces. Have a look!

Clothes For Fun @

Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthdays & Seafood by the Beach

This isn't a "travel" blog post but I tagged travel because I find having too many labels clutter my now simple blog layout, so by travel means, I went out of KL. Yup.

Before my meds kicked in, I actually planned to blog an entire article about my day trip to Morib for both my cousin-in-laws birthday but... because my nasty cough syrup that Doc gave just now sorta took it's effects, I am very.. slowww now and I feel very lazy to type a long ass post, so you are only gonna get as much as this before I dive straight onto my keyboard. We wouldn't want that, would we?


There's this great seafood restaurant called Golden Sea Restaurant located just along Morib Beach that both my relatives and friends know about. If you enjoy being by the beach (without being in the sea), then this is a great place to visit once in a while.

Food is pretty decent. Love their marmite sotong, seafood meehoon and salted steam crabs that we had that weekend. The best thing is they don't chase you away if you decide to linger a little by the beach and the price is really reasonable for a seafood restaurant.

Weekends may be a little bit packed with families but if you have kids and you would like for them to have a mini beach fun time, this is the place to bring them to. If you just want to hang out with some friends, remember to bring games along because there's nothing much to do there besides walking up and down the beach.

baby, grandma & aunty luciene
renee with her new friend
baby & grandpa
birthday kids

I had a great time with the rest of the family last weekend and I am sure I'll be dropping by soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ms Mrs Jane Fong Tan

I can officially tell the world now that I am no longer single. I am married with the MRS title and it didn't hit me until I had to register myself online on a website as MRS instead of going for the option MS.

My lovely flowers my mom got from Camerons specially for me. I have her to thank for, for making sure that they are perfect for this special day.

Some of you may feel that getting registered in a government building is just a procedure to prove that a couple is married by law and for the sake of getting a piece of paper with two signatures on it (it is four actually, plus witnesses). That is if you are still not married, and reading this but those like me, who actually went through the whole process will tell you otherwise.

Although I have been with my husband for 9 years now, our relationship never have that "old and fading" feeling, some of our friends described a long relationship to be. I still feel the same way every single day I see him. The love, care and tenderness that he gives me never fall short since the day we fell in love and till this very day, it grows with passion, maturity, and joy. And by that, I believe that this will go on till the very day we die.

That piece of paper that we've both signed signifies our love and commitment to each other. For better, for worse .. we will love, cherish, care, embrace each other and that is a promise we both made.


9 years, I couldn't believe it but I feel as though I have the most precious gift any girl could ask for. A man who loves me for who I am. A man who is willing to face any hardship in order to be with me. A man who is patient, kind and loving. A man who puts my happiness on top of his list. A man who thinks that I am the world to him. I cannot tell you, how happy I am to be with this man who I now call my husband.

I love you, baby ~ you know I do :D