Monday, June 4, 2012

A night for superheroes

I was extremely excited when I found out that Dash Berlin was coming back! My first experience watching him was such an awesome one, I was sure that the second would be too.

Tickets were sold at RM68/entry for early birds and thanks to a certain someone, I got it in the nick of time before it was sold out. A few of us who are fans of Dash Berlin made our way to Pan Pac before the show began. Twisties to fill our stomachs, but not enough to call it dinner. Booze to kick start the night, but not enough for us to get drunk silly.

Me & Ade
Superheroes gathered!
Super excellent service by Pan Pac. RM15 and you get these!
Drinking games, where I drank most of the time.

Near towards 8pm, we made our trip towards Sepang International Circuit. Well, earlier during the day, Mc Asia, the organizers of the event, had some technical difficulties and set back a whole 4 hours of the event. Earlier acts which were supposed to be playing were cancelled and when I got there at about 830pm, the whole entrance was filled with no less than a thousand people!


Honestly speaking, I wasn't too happy. People were pushing and cutting cues but there was this one guy who actually gave me some space, an act of a gentlemen and I was really thankful that there are still some civilized people in Malaysia.

What seemed like 4hours was a mere 1hour of queuing, pushing and squeezing. We finally got through. Now, here is where I begin telling you what I was unhappy about.

First of, the organizers did not allow any drinking water to be taken in. We were forced to buy their water at RM10 a bottle. Ridiculous. Food was sold at RM20 a sausage bun.

The place was actually filled with uncivilized drug addicts. How do I know that? A bunch of people in front of where I stood watching the performance were sniffing shit! They kept it in a small tube necklace. All of them were trashing around and making a fool of themselves and have degraded the quality of these international acts! And the best thing, the organizers did a security check at the entrance. What was that for if there are people sniffing shit inside?

Got slabbed with plenty of foreign sweat. Getting water is like buying gold and it was so uncomfortable to be where I was. The speakers were SO CRAPPY that when it came to Dash Berlin I could hardly hear any bass! And I was standing at the same spot where I enjoyed the earlier dj, forgot his name and the sound was good.

I went there for Dash Berlin, only Dash Berlin and they have ruined my entire night by being stupid with their sound!

Seriously, that is the first and last of any open event that I will be going to. I would prefer to listen to Dash Berlin in the car rather than paying money to experience what I just did at the event. So many were unhappy with how Mc Asia handled the event and they are known for event failures (check their Facebook Page).

Give me a dj in a club, anytime!

All of us there for Dash Berlin
Baby & I
Kev & Veron
Dash Berlin

Ended the night being tired, dehydrated, sweaty with absolutely no satisfaction of a great night with Dash Berlin at all! The first Dash Berlin at MOS rawked!


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