Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of macarons, pastels, & all things sweet


The other day, baby surprised me by bringing home two boxes of macarons from an event he attended. Macarons made specially by Nathalie's Gourmet. Nathalie's Gourmet is a quaint little French Restaurant located at Solaris Dutamas. As I recalled, their mains were really delicious and they have one of the best homemade macarons. So, when I got the box of macarons, I did not hold back. Silly me, ate all at one go and felt absolutely sick in the stomach. BUT it was really really good, especially the one in caramel. Oolala!


After complaining like a million times about how my hair is a complete disaster and probably half dead, I FINALLY went over to Curlers & Trimmers to get my hair fixed! My attempt at making my hair "wavy" by perming it did not turn out to be a smart move because at that time, I didn't realize that I couldn't comb my hair once I've permed and as a result, my hair tend to be in knots which was really painful to my scalp. So ladies, think really REALLY hard if you want to go for permanent perm. I wouldn't do it again if you dared me to.

Made an appointment at Curlers last Tuesday and sat for approximately 6 hours till Nani (my stylist) chemically transformed my hair into a beautiful sheet of satin! That was exactly how it felt! I went through the process of Relaxing, which is actually similar to Rebonding but less damaging and more natural looking. I specifically told Nani that I really want wavy ends and not straight ends, so she made sure to curl my hair during the process of Relaxing so that my ends will end up the way I want them to. It's usually not in the process of Relaxing to have wavy ends but if you want your hair to be that way, make sure to let your stylist know or else you'll end up with straight ends.


Curlers & Trimmers is located at Desa Sri Hartamas and I've never been disappointed by them. They are really professional and know what they are doing. Also, I love how they don't insist on making small talks. I sat the whole 6 hours reading magazines and my novel. If you are interested in giving them a try, you can contact them at 03-2300 1938. Oh, and they are having an on going promotion of 20% off on any hair services every Monday to Wednesday. Good luck!

By the way, I've just updated Clothes For Fun with really lovely lace pieces. Have a look!

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