Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ms Mrs Jane Fong Tan

I can officially tell the world now that I am no longer single. I am married with the MRS title and it didn't hit me until I had to register myself online on a website as MRS instead of going for the option MS.

My lovely flowers my mom got from Camerons specially for me. I have her to thank for, for making sure that they are perfect for this special day.

Some of you may feel that getting registered in a government building is just a procedure to prove that a couple is married by law and for the sake of getting a piece of paper with two signatures on it (it is four actually, plus witnesses). That is if you are still not married, and reading this but those like me, who actually went through the whole process will tell you otherwise.

Although I have been with my husband for 9 years now, our relationship never have that "old and fading" feeling, some of our friends described a long relationship to be. I still feel the same way every single day I see him. The love, care and tenderness that he gives me never fall short since the day we fell in love and till this very day, it grows with passion, maturity, and joy. And by that, I believe that this will go on till the very day we die.

That piece of paper that we've both signed signifies our love and commitment to each other. For better, for worse .. we will love, cherish, care, embrace each other and that is a promise we both made.


9 years, I couldn't believe it but I feel as though I have the most precious gift any girl could ask for. A man who loves me for who I am. A man who is willing to face any hardship in order to be with me. A man who is patient, kind and loving. A man who puts my happiness on top of his list. A man who thinks that I am the world to him. I cannot tell you, how happy I am to be with this man who I now call my husband.

I love you, baby ~ you know I do :D


  1. I can't express my love for you here... would be 18SX... so i'll share it with you later :)

    Love you babycakes