Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthdays & Seafood by the Beach

This isn't a "travel" blog post but I tagged travel because I find having too many labels clutter my now simple blog layout, so by travel means, I went out of KL. Yup.

Before my meds kicked in, I actually planned to blog an entire article about my day trip to Morib for both my cousin-in-laws birthday but... because my nasty cough syrup that Doc gave just now sorta took it's effects, I am very.. slowww now and I feel very lazy to type a long ass post, so you are only gonna get as much as this before I dive straight onto my keyboard. We wouldn't want that, would we?


There's this great seafood restaurant called Golden Sea Restaurant located just along Morib Beach that both my relatives and friends know about. If you enjoy being by the beach (without being in the sea), then this is a great place to visit once in a while.

Food is pretty decent. Love their marmite sotong, seafood meehoon and salted steam crabs that we had that weekend. The best thing is they don't chase you away if you decide to linger a little by the beach and the price is really reasonable for a seafood restaurant.

Weekends may be a little bit packed with families but if you have kids and you would like for them to have a mini beach fun time, this is the place to bring them to. If you just want to hang out with some friends, remember to bring games along because there's nothing much to do there besides walking up and down the beach.

baby, grandma & aunty luciene
renee with her new friend
baby & grandpa
birthday kids

I had a great time with the rest of the family last weekend and I am sure I'll be dropping by soon.

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