Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frogskins vs Aviators!

I've been going out of town alot these days, now that I realized. Recently, a couple of us took a trip up to Genting Highlands, Pahang for a day trip. All of us decided to ride the cable car and we forgot how it used to feel like sitting it when we were younger. It's funny how we have neglected childhood experiences just because we have cars to take us all the way up now. A return ticket only costs RM12, RM8 if one way.

see these two monkeys ~ lol

We had lunch at the usual bakery, The Bakery (and it is the only bakery there). It was pretty expensive because the total bill that came up for both baby & I were RM60 plus but their food was good. All in all we had Roasted Beef Sandwich, Salted Beef Bagel, Turkey Ham Sandwich, Caesar Salad, More Salad, and Curry Chicken in Bread thingie.

mushroom quiche
chicken curry in bread thingie
roasted beef sandwich

We made our way to the theme park after lunch. It was RM50 per entry for adults (outdoor only). I couldn't sit any of their rides because I had cough and sorethroat. Couldn't scream, right.. so ended up sitting boat ride at Dinosaur land and Antique Car ride~! Antique car was awesome! LOL. I've always wanted to sit that ride every time baby & I took a trip there but couldn't find the entrance :( The rest went for adrenaline pumping rides like The Corkscrew & Solero Shot while Jess & I stayed behind to watch and drank hot milo. :D


Overall, we had so much fun that day. It's also some sort of a last trip before one of my friends take off to SG for work. Can't wait for the next group trip again!


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