Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A birthday cake for the birthday girl :D

The day before we left for my birthday island getaway, I had my parents over for a recap of the things they had to take care of for me while I was gone. Especially taking care of Manja. No words can describe how grateful I am for them to agree to look after Manja for 4 days and to be here everyday just to keep her company while they weren't so free themselves either.


Mom brought in a cake when I opened the door for her and I was actually surprised as I didn't expect them to bring anything but themselves. I was actually so touched and it totally brightened my night, seriously!

I've never really had cakes during my birthdays. Probably once or twice. Usually when I celebrate with my friends, we go to clubs or chill out lounges, so it won't really cross anyone's mind to get a cake because it might be too troublesome. The only "cake" I had when I celebrated with my friends was on my 19th and it was a bar of hotel soap. They stuck the soap with matches from the hotel and lighted it up, sang me a song and I blew it. LOL.

With the family it was mostly for dinner at hotels or restaurants. I only recall having a cake once when my step sis brought it along to my 22nd celebration, if I wasn't mistaken.


So anyways, to actually have a cake this year.. I am quite overwhelmed. Actually, whenever I have a birthday cake, I feel really happy and special. I know, silly me! It's just a cake but to me, it actually shows that someone cares enough to go out of their way just to buy one, write a message on top of it, light it up and sing me a song so that I can make a wish and blow those candles.


Thanks Mom & Uncle Dennis :D


Monday, October 24, 2011

Kevin's 25th Birthday Bash at Sultan Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental

It seemed like it was just yesterday that I attended one of my friend's birthday celeb at Sultan Lounge (yet again) and although I've been there a couple of times for an occasion, they were nights of endless fun!

So Kev's birthday came and went. He actually was gone even before I reached and that was like at 11pm! LOL. So much for remembering your birthday party!

Anyways, here are some fun photos of the night!
and if you were wondering where I got my dress from, it was from a bazaar. LOL. Totally inspired by Bebe!

Kev gone when I just got there. See his face!

Peggy & I

Fooling around with Kyle's "glasses"

Pearl & I (how do I look with glasses?)

With da birthday boy! Still standing :)

With Ell babe. Smoking gorgeous :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Advertorial] Bazaar, Crazy bull, Dunk-it, Beerlympics & Octoberfest!!

So the 10th month of year 2011 is finally here! You know what's the best part?

This month is the month to do whatever the hell you want, because I say so. It is after all the month of my birthday and I am going to party like I deserve it!


I've already started on the first day of October, having fun with ma bunch of friends at Ecoba for their Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest celebration 2011. Seriously, it was one crazy day!


During the day, Clothes For Fun participated at Picnic Bazaar which was held in conjunction with Octoberfest at Ecoba from 5pm to 10pm. Of all the bazaars that I've participated, I was pretty impressed with the set up by Threadzoo. There were cute marmalade orange and turqoise blue table cloths for all the tables and they even hung little lanterns around the trees to make the entire place to create a picnic ambiance. Erica & Alex were the first ones to come over to catch up and by the end of the day, I was actually touched by how many friends that came all the way to Ecoba just to support us. Totally unexpected. You guys totally made our day!

Eugene & I go way back to Form 4!


Crowd started pouring in, kids having fun on the bull ride, guys getting dunked by their mates, people bought huge Beer Stein of Carlsberg and other german beers imported by Carlsberg Malaysia, there were wide spread of barbequed dishes available for everybody, and live performances by Doppleganger and Ecoba to fill the night with. People were having tonz of fun and I was quite taken by the whole partying vibe that I told myself, I shall have some fun myself too!


Soon we packed up, headed over to the bunch of crazy monkeys we called friends, and had the time of our lives!


Oh, not forgetting, the girls that came over to pay me a visit from Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers. Although in 3-4inches heels, nothing can stop us girls when it was time to do the chicken dance! LOL.


All in all, I had a totally great time and this is just the beginning of all the Octoberfest happening around throughout the month! So if you missed this one already, fraid not as there are many more celebrations happening from 21 September to 20 October 2011 at over 25 participating outlets and 18 market squares throughout Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Seremban and Johor. All you've got to do is check them out here : http://www.facebook.com/malaysiasownoktoberfest or visit www.carlsbergmalaysia.com.my for more information.


Come now come now, raise your glasses, Prost (cheers)!
your one and only Dimple Maggot :D

Monday, October 3, 2011

[Advertorial] Our very own Oktoberfest, right here at home!


For the first time ever, we will be celebrating Oktoberfest, right here at home!

Last Thursday, 28th September 2011 marked the day Carlsberg Malaysia officiated the one and only "Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest" at Berjaya Times Square, in the midst of over 900 beer enthusiasts. HOLY MOLY!

For those of you who have been waiting for such an occasion, you are in for a whole lot more!


Carlsberg Malaysia has recreated the perfect setting to celebrate the world renowned Bavarian national festival, the famous Oktoberfest. So get ready for a month-long extravaganza filled with Carlsberg's "Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest" which will include the popular Carlsberg (of course!), imported German brews such as Erdinger Weissbier, Franziskaner Weissbier and Lowenbrau, authentic gastronomic experiences to whet the appetitie, roaring parties, live performances, games, girls in their sexy uniforms and of course beer!


The festival, modeled after the Munich Oktoberfest, runs from 21 September to 20 October 2011 at over 25 participating outlets and 18 market squares throughout Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Seremban and Johor.


Being a dynamic brewery that offers a wide portfolio of international brands, Carlsberg Malaysia sets the bar high in its inaugural celebration in Malaysia this year, offering its customers a mind blowing experience to remember and of course bearing in mind that we can all enjoy ourselves at the same time by drinking responsibly.


Now that you know how fun it is going to be, you may want to check out the rest of "Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest" venues!


The best part is, beer afficionadoes will also stand a chance to win "The Ultimate Beer Tour" which is a 6 day/ 5 night trip to Munich, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark with 2 friends by participating in the Facebook contest at http://www.facebook.com/malaysiasownoktoberfest. Don't wait, just do it!!

To support this fantastic month-long opportunity presented to you by Carlsberg Malaysia where Oompah is at its best, log on to http://www.facebook.com/malaysiasownoktoberfest or visit www.carlsbergmalaysia.com.my for more information.


Prost (cheers)!
Dimple Maggot :D