Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A birthday cake for the birthday girl :D

The day before we left for my birthday island getaway, I had my parents over for a recap of the things they had to take care of for me while I was gone. Especially taking care of Manja. No words can describe how grateful I am for them to agree to look after Manja for 4 days and to be here everyday just to keep her company while they weren't so free themselves either.


Mom brought in a cake when I opened the door for her and I was actually surprised as I didn't expect them to bring anything but themselves. I was actually so touched and it totally brightened my night, seriously!

I've never really had cakes during my birthdays. Probably once or twice. Usually when I celebrate with my friends, we go to clubs or chill out lounges, so it won't really cross anyone's mind to get a cake because it might be too troublesome. The only "cake" I had when I celebrated with my friends was on my 19th and it was a bar of hotel soap. They stuck the soap with matches from the hotel and lighted it up, sang me a song and I blew it. LOL.

With the family it was mostly for dinner at hotels or restaurants. I only recall having a cake once when my step sis brought it along to my 22nd celebration, if I wasn't mistaken.


So anyways, to actually have a cake this year.. I am quite overwhelmed. Actually, whenever I have a birthday cake, I feel really happy and special. I know, silly me! It's just a cake but to me, it actually shows that someone cares enough to go out of their way just to buy one, write a message on top of it, light it up and sing me a song so that I can make a wish and blow those candles.


Thanks Mom & Uncle Dennis :D


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