Wednesday, July 29, 2009



The process of forming stable or permanent visible images directly or indirectly by the action of light or other forms of radiation on sensitive surfaces. Traditional photography uses the action of light to cause changes in a film of silver halide crystals in which development converts exposed silver halide to (nonsensitive) metallic silver. Following exposure in a camera or other device, the film or plate is developed, fixed in a solution that dissolves the undeveloped silver halide, washed to remove the soluble salts, and dried. Printing from the original, if required, is done by contact or optical projection onto a second emulsion-coated material, and a similar sequence of processing steps is followed. Digital photography captures images directly with an electronic photosensor. See also Photographic materials.

Photography is practiced on a professional level for portraiture and for various commercial and industrial applications, including the preparation of photographs for advertising, illustration, display, and record-keeping. Press photography is for newspaper and magazine illustrations of topical events and objects. Photography is used at several levels in the graphic arts to convert original photographs or other illustrations into printing plates for high-quality reproduction in quantity. Industrial photography includes the generation and reproduction of engineering drawings, high-speed photography, schlieren photography, metallography, and many other forms of technical photography which can aid in the development, design, and manufacture of various products. Aerial photography is used for military reconnaissance and mapping, civilian mapping, urban and highway planning, and surveys of material resources. Biomedical photography is used to reveal or record biological structures, often of significance in medical research, diagnosis, or treatment. Photography is widely applied to preparing projection slides and other displays for teaching through visual education. See also Printing; Schlieren photography.

Photography is one of the most important tools in scientific and technical fields. It extends the range of vision, allowing records to be made of things or events which are difficult or impossible to see because they are too faint, too brief, too small, or too distant, or associated with radiation to which the eye is insensitive. Technical photographs can be studied at leisure, measured, and stored for reference or security. The acquisition and interpretation of images in scientific and technical photography usually requires direct participation by the scientist or skilled technicians.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Have Yourself a Short Break

It's just the beginning of a Monday morning and we're already looking forward to the coming weekend. And speaking of the weekends, we took a drive up to Genting Highlands over the one that just passed for no particular reason apart from to just get away from the usual weekend routine.

A drive to Genting Highlands only takes about 45 minutes, which is about the same time it takes to endure traffic on the way to a shopping mall in KL. We were welcomed by a cool mist-filled atmosphere and absolutely refreshing air at about 4pm. But do note that depending on your luck, it can be quite warm during the noon, so if youre not planning to go to the theme park (which you'll need a whole day for) and just want to enjoy the cool-ness of it all (Which is what we love doing), it's best to head there in the evening.

We didn't get any thrills from the rides at the theme park, didn't spend any money on tokens at the arcade, and neither did we try our luck at the Casino. Our outing was a casual one, and all we did was just have lunch at The Bakery, stroll around the very cool First World Plaza, watch people scream on the Flying Coaster, catch a sneak preview of Gentings infamous DREAMZ show, and basically just...chill out.

We just have to highlight The Bakery, which apart from being a bakery, also serves up some pretty good sandwiches. Our lunch was a Croissant filled with Smoked Duck topped, Mozzarella Cheese, accompanied by English Mustard and a Parmesan Loaf filled with Smoked Beef, Mozzarella Cheese topped with Mayonnaise which cost us RM16.50 each. Not the cheapest sandwich but you can't really expect cheap things from Gentings. Besides, the cool al fresco seating makes it all worthwhile.

First World Plaza gives you a refreshingly different shopping experience altogether. The place just looks and shouts "entertainment!!!" from every angle. It just feels so magical when it's all lit up and makes you feel as if you're in some sort of Fantasy Wonderworld.

The DREAMZ stage preview was performed on the stage in First World Plaza itself and showcased 3 of their acts filled with dancers, acrobats, men in tights, and a magician. The dance act wasn't something extraordinary, the magician was alright, but the Chinese acrobats were awesome. That preview was a pretty smart way of getting people to turn their attention to buying tickets for the show.

Speaking of buying. we couldn't help but notice how a 360 degree experience in Gentings revolves around an interesting financial cycle, especially when it comes to Casino goers (Which make up a large portion of Gentings guest list anyway). You basically go up with money, head to the Casino and if you're lucky, you'll win more money, but Gentings and all its offerings is filled with so much to do and so much to spend on (Including a very inviting jewellery store for the rich china-man) that you'll most probably end up spending the money that you won anyway, which then goes back to Gentings! No doubt, a possible secret to their success.

At about 8pm, we decided to wrap our trip up with a cup of Joe at Starbucks in the Highlands Hotel, which seems to be becoming a tradition for us before heading home. After all the walking, it's a nice place to just sit, chill a little bit more, enjoy the cool air a while longer, and recuperate before starting the drive down... which we did shortly after.

So if you ever need to get away over the weekend, break the norm of heading to the usual shopping malls, and spend some entertaining time with a loved one; take a trip to the City of Entertainment, as Genting Highlands so proudly label themselves. And if you ask us, that label suits the venue perfectly.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The importance of the other "M" word

You're getting married. The big day is coming up and there's so much to organize. The reception, the wedding party, the guest list, the flowers, the food… the list is endless. You've discussed the wedding finances. You have a plan. You have a wedding budget, and you've nailed down how much you can spend and who's paying for what.

But more importantly, do you have a financial plan for after the wedding? Have you discussed the other "M" word: money? Do you have a financial plan and an everyday budget? Do you know how much you can spend and who is paying for what in your new life together. An important element of a successful marriage is the ability to handle money together. Money is an important resource, which, when handled well, can give you the choice of living the way you want to, both now, and in the future.

For richer and poorer

It's part of most marriage vows, but do you really think about the implications? Having enough to spend on the things you want to accomplish together is important. When a husband and wife are not on the same page as far as family finances go, other difficulties inevitably arise.

Money talks

Talking about money can be difficult for some, especially when you're in love. It may not be romantic, but it's an absolute must for the health of your marriage. Unresolved money issues are a leading cause of divorce. So, don't wait until you've said "I do." Start talking today. Find out what money means to each of you. Are you the saving kind or the spending kind? Discuss your future goals, like buying a home, career changes, starting a family.

Marriage is a blending of lifestyles and, as unromantic as it sounds, bank accounts and debts. That's where the "for richer or for poorer" part comes in. You may think you know everything about your fiancé, when you really only know what he or she has told you and the answers to any questions you've thought to ask. That can leave a lot unsaid, especially when it comes to money.

So to get you started, here are 10 topics to consider:

1.What are your short-term and long-term goals? Sharing your dreams and setting your priorities (a home, children, maybe traveling the world) will decide your lifestyle now and in the future.
2.How much are you going to put away each month to reach your goals?
3.How much does your fiancé make, and what percentage is contributed to an RRSP?
4.How much debt and savings (including investments and real estate) are you each bringing into your marriage? If there are debts, how will they be repaid?
5.How many credit cards do you have between you? If it's many, think about consolidating.
6.What employee benefit packages do you have? What are the options? How much are your contributions? Is it worth upgrading to a single "family" plan, if available? What do you pay for health and disability insurance?
7.Do you want to pool all your resources? Establish a joint chequing account? Divide investing responsibilities? There's no right or wrong answer; it's what works for you.
8.Who will balance the cheque book, track expenses, pay the bills and monitor your investments? Who is the best money manager? Did you grow up in a family who watched every dime or where money flowed freely?
9.What dollar amount will require a joint decision on a purchase?
10.How much do you need to put away for the unforeseen? A good rule of thumb is to have enough in an emergency account to cover three to six months worth of expenses should one of you lose your job or be temporarily unable to work through sickness or an accident.

Don't stop at the talking stage

You will need to come to an agreement on the basics. Most couples discover that down the road, a lack of money, out-of-control spending, or a lack of emergency savings will eventually cause major marriage problems. Without a plan for saving and spending, you tend to live and spend day to day. An agreed-upon budget will help you avoid misunderstandings about how you spend your money. Develop a written financial plan, complete with goals, individual duties and financial policies. And the plan is just the first step. Even if only one partner manages the bills, it is important for both partners to stay fully abreast of the family's financial status. Check your progress every month, and adjust your plan accordingly. Unexpected expenses are certain to occur—that unplanned little bundle of joy, for example!

If you need help, talk to a banking specialist or financial advisor, who can walk you through financial services to understand your goals and set up a financial plan tailored to your new lifestyle.

Article taken from Women's Web

Thursday, July 2, 2009

d'lish @ Bangsar Village I

Poised as a food outlet for the impatient gourmet, d’lish prides itself as being a source of good food for people chasing the clock who either want a quick dine-in or take-away meal… hence the label “impatient gourmet”. And staying true to their claim, they have arguably the best "already pre-prepped in take-away boxes" food.

On their menu, you will find salads, soups, pastas, pies, sandwiches & wraps, pastries, bento box meals, all sorts of snacks & desserts, and a beverage list featuring some pretty good coffee selections.

We actually had lunch at their outlet in Bangsar Village recently. We tried a Triplex, which is basically a triple-decker sandwich (a healthy one), with turkey meat, and a whole lot of healthy stuff and although it tasted quite good, it was a wee bit dry to the bite. And we also got a slice of their Quiche Lorraine… and I mean we literally got a slice of quiche which was “alright” at best.

Their sister restaurant; Delicious (Like it’s name), is a more complete version of d’lish. It has everything d’lish has and much more. But we’re not going to draw much comparison because in a metaphoric sense, d’lish are a 7-eleven, where Delicious is a Cold Storage. Get it?

In a nutshell (d’lish does have nut snacks by the way), we’d definitely recommend visiting d’lish, (But we have to cement the fact that Delicious does make a much more complete gastronomical experience). We’re just going to conclude that d’lish in Bangsar Village is one of those places you don’t go out of your way to get to, but would be more than willing to stop by if you were near it.

I haven’t experienced their “impatient gourmet” proposition myself, but I guess the possibility of having a wholesome meal within RM20, and within 5 minutes perhaps does do that tagline a bit of justice

Head on to for more.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Review of Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen


A brief intro:
Released on 24 June 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is the much anticipated sequel to 2007’s Transformers. The 2nd film, of what could well be an on-going movie series in future, sees the return of the alliance between Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, whiles Shia Labeouf reprises his leading role as Sam Witwicky. The show retains a majority of its original cast including Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson just to name a more recognizable few.

Apart from a very familiar Autobot and Decepticon lineup, there were numerous additions to both sides with the Autobot additions staying true to their automobile nature, and the Decepticons continuing to take on much more aggressive forms as seen with the introduction of the Constructicons. Vehicle manufacturers wasted no time in utilizing the films immense advertising potential and it was obvious in the appearances of updated car models, concepts, and shiny new construction machines.

The storyline is pretty much reflected in the films title, as it revolves around the Decepticon’s having their revenge, and how the Autobots have formed an alliance with the military to stop them. And yea, apart from Sam Witwicky’s college life, and the revelation that the Transformers existence on earth dates all the way back to pre-historic periods, there really isn’t much else of a story going on.

Critics however weren’t amused and wasted no time in condemning the film with mostly negative remarks. However, I think their views should really be ignored as the film achieved the highest Wednesday opening gross in history! And the 2nd highest opening day gross of all time, behind The Dark Knight.

What we liked…
Action, action and more action! The film has a rather long running time of about 2 and a half hours, but it never felt dull at any moment. It was edge of your seat stuff from the opening narrative to the end credits.

Shia LaBeouf’s really good performance in the film is a major plus point as well. It was an exceptional showcase of all his acting abilities and is a definite sign that he will be among the Hollywood greats.

The Revenge of the Fallen fully and awesomely displayed what Transformers fans loved from its original cartoon days, which was a whole lot of robot VS robot carnage! And although the show does appeal to boys and girls alike, it’s safe to assume that it was primarily made as a male show and it did that pretty damn well. Megan Fox in tight shorts on a motorbike, a Decepticon in the form of a seductive college, awesome testosterone pumping vehicles, explosive military firepower, etc.

The skew is pretty obvious isn’t it? (Josh Duhamel was perhaps the only of eye candy for the females!)

What we didn’t like too much…
Some of the jokes slipped into the script were pretty funny and did well for the comedic aspect of transformers, although some very lame lines did beg a few questions. However, it’s slightly difficult to consider it a “flaw” because the original Transformers cartoons did incorporate jokes in them.

One thing we couldn’t help but think about:
The generation that grew up with Transformers is all grown up now, and would be able to relate to the more “adult” content the film had. Unfortunately, we felt that the film felt slightly immature.
Then on the other hand, the prospect of transforming fighting robots would be very appealing to a young kid, however, the sexually suggestive scenes involving Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas (who plays the Decepticon disguised as a hot college girl we mentioned earlier) really wouldn’t be appropriate. >
So there was perhaps an attempt at appealing to both crowds, however it is a rather blur line which perhaps shouldn’t have been crossed.

We’d assume that most Transformers fans would appreciate the film as a whole, however, not everyone is a Transformers fan and this is the crowd that would most probably be left with a more negative memory of the film.

For us…well… Let’s just say we can’t wait for a Transformers 3 to be rolled out!

Our rating.