Thursday, July 2, 2009

d'lish @ Bangsar Village I

Poised as a food outlet for the impatient gourmet, d’lish prides itself as being a source of good food for people chasing the clock who either want a quick dine-in or take-away meal… hence the label “impatient gourmet”. And staying true to their claim, they have arguably the best "already pre-prepped in take-away boxes" food.

On their menu, you will find salads, soups, pastas, pies, sandwiches & wraps, pastries, bento box meals, all sorts of snacks & desserts, and a beverage list featuring some pretty good coffee selections.

We actually had lunch at their outlet in Bangsar Village recently. We tried a Triplex, which is basically a triple-decker sandwich (a healthy one), with turkey meat, and a whole lot of healthy stuff and although it tasted quite good, it was a wee bit dry to the bite. And we also got a slice of their Quiche Lorraine… and I mean we literally got a slice of quiche which was “alright” at best.

Their sister restaurant; Delicious (Like it’s name), is a more complete version of d’lish. It has everything d’lish has and much more. But we’re not going to draw much comparison because in a metaphoric sense, d’lish are a 7-eleven, where Delicious is a Cold Storage. Get it?

In a nutshell (d’lish does have nut snacks by the way), we’d definitely recommend visiting d’lish, (But we have to cement the fact that Delicious does make a much more complete gastronomical experience). We’re just going to conclude that d’lish in Bangsar Village is one of those places you don’t go out of your way to get to, but would be more than willing to stop by if you were near it.

I haven’t experienced their “impatient gourmet” proposition myself, but I guess the possibility of having a wholesome meal within RM20, and within 5 minutes perhaps does do that tagline a bit of justice

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