Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hennessy Artistry HALO is back this November 3rd!

You know something BIG is coming your way when there's news all around of the much anticipated event of the year. The Hennessy Artistry HALO 2012 is back on the 3rd of November, happening right at MIECC from 830pm onwards!


Believe it or not, I've already marked the date down since three months ago because I just can't wait. The previous HALO was epic, with Yolanda Be Cool but this year it is going to be really awesome!


Promising a distinctive and breathtaking party arena draped in red and black, the H-Artistry finale will see the return of the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone, featuring the Hennessy 360 Cam, as well as the trailblazers of all H-Artistry parties: the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks.


This year's line up Alexandra Burke (R&B) from UK, Havana Brown (Dance) from Australia, Starkillers (Electro House) from USA and Block B (K-Pop) from Korea!

Collaborations, epic mash-ups, spectacular blends and fist-pumping remixes will be aplenty throughout the night, complemented by the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda.


Looks like I'll be filling myself with Hennessy Apple again! Come early to get a better spot and also to get your drinks faster!

HA_Special Event Notice

Be sure to fully take advantage of the FREE H-Artistry Party Shuttle or the subsidized H-Artistry Party Taxi services and be chauffeured to MIECC and back, as parking at the venue will not be available.

Complimentary mineral will be provided throughout the night, and food stalls will also be available outside the venue for everyone to recharge during and after the event.

Join in the H-Artistry finale this 3 November by watching this space for your chance to win invites:

Also be sure to download the MY Hennessy App NOW from the App Store or Google Play onto your iOS and Android devices. H-Artistry is open to non-Muslims above the age of 18 only.


Monday, October 22, 2012

David Guetta Live at Sepang International Circuit

I am proud to say that David Guetta was my second rave but my first love for rave. Remember how much I hated Dash Berlin's concert in my previous post. Well, this one was superb, which I totally did not expect at all!

Thanks to my aunt, she gave us 4 passes to David Guetta, courtesy of GAB. We rode the new VW beetle and started singing along to Dayton's David Guetta mixes on cd all the way to Sepang International Circuit that night.


It was crazy packed, eventhough it was at 11pm. We timed ourselves to arrive right before his slot but found ourselves lining up at the main entrance. Even before we managed to make it into the area, we heard Titanium. What happened was everyone at the entrance started singing to it, which was really awesome. The whole circuit was filled with happy vibes, I simply loved it. As compared to Dash Berlin, there were many inconsiderate human beings there but it was quite the opposite with this one.

Jess & I in our blinking horns. Bought for RM10 outside the entrance. The thing started going crooked...after a few minutes. Totally not worth it - quality wise but it was pretty useful when it came to our friends trying to follow us through the crowd! All they had to do was look for the two blinking horns!

Also met my high school friends, Pixie, Clara, Eugene, Fai, and Yaw. Was great seeing them, after 10years! Time really does fly but all of us agreed that we looked the same, except that we weren't in our uniforms. LOL.


I'd say that the organizers did a great job. There were plenty of room for everyone to stand and dance. Love how they kept the toilets clean. Overall, I enjoyed David Guetta alot

That's Mojo standing up to check out their new toy. I find it super adorable when cats stand like that!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Extraordinary with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note II has finally launched!

Attended the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II last Thursday. It was raining buckets and the traffic was crazy heading to Zebra Square but I made it just in time to gain an inside view of the Note II functions.


What was impressive to me was the S Pen. Everyone was talking about it during the launch and it is a no brainer that that is the main highlight of the phone.


Advanced S Pen & S Note usage
Everyday tasks on Samsung GALAXY Note II are made easier and more intuitive using S Pen enabled features. Air View allows people to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Note, S Planner, image galleries, or videos to preview the content without having to open the file. Such quick access to view information in detail without screen transitions improves productivity. Further, the device’s new gesture pad feature, Quick Command, allows people to use the S Pen to take shortcuts.

The S Pen enables people to easily capture ideas and inspirations instantly or to combine handwriting with any digital content directly on the screen. The S Pen button, when pressed, recognises intuitively the intention to clip, crop or edit the selected content in any shape, and subsequently save, share or paste it. Further, people can personalise content easily by colouring, shading, or adding notes with personal handwriting.


After the ceremony, I had the chance to experience the phone myself. I found that it was really fast, super smooth and the screen was pretty responsive. I didn't even have to touch the screen twice to get what I want. The S Pen felt perfect and the phone was just nice on my palm. I used to think that big phones are not very convenient for girls, especially if there's a club event or so because we went into the era where phones being small is way cooler but now everything is better, bigger. I love the one in white, the design is really sleek. The gun metal edges gave it a very classy touch. All in all, I loved it.


To all of Note fans, you will be very happy to hear that the phone will be available at Digi, Maxis and Celcom on the 19th of October. That's 4 days away!


Outfit of the day :
Galaxy top & highwaist shorts from Clothes For Fun
Rubi shoes from Vincci

Plan ahead, peeps!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watch2Win by Code10 Malaysia

Everyone loves watching videos right? Videos like Siri Take Over The World, Guy Survived from Cow Attack, Idiot Rams into Old Lady, Cat Caught Stealing Babies from Neighbors and maybe one of the most recent, Oppa Gangnam Style.

And then you come across this


What if I told you that you can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 just by watching a video. Say, a video showing a guy caught showering with a ghost? Wait, that was wrong. A guy showering while ghost watches? Creepy. But what if that wins you an S3?

Interested? Gotten your attention?

Read further. It's pretty simple actually.

What you'll have to do is watch this short clip. This guy is seriously nuts for encountering a ghost in his house.



Now remember, Samsung Galaxy S3 might be yours if you follow these steps closely.

1) LIKE Code 10 Malaysia on Facebook
2) Watch the video I posted above (if you've done that great! if not watch it, coward!)
3) Answer a question in the comments section of the post. (click here)
4) Share the video and tag at least three (3) friends on Facebook.
5) Read the Terms & Conditions.

Code 10 is only giving out ONE PRIZE PER VIDEO. If Samsung Galaxy S3 is what you've always wanted, this is your chance to win it.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunny Day 3 at Long Beach, Perhentian Island


Day 3 was what I called, a beach day. The sun was at its' peak, burning every skin cell I have, or had. We took a walk to the other side of the beach, which required some trekking in the woods. Nothing prepared me for the uphill and downhill climb.Seriously.


By the time we emerged from the woods to the other part of the beach, I WAS BREATHLESS.


Before we planned this trip to Bubu Long Beach, we actually had a "free" voucher to stay at Shari La but in the end we decided to give that up because there were so many additional fees that the total came up so much more compared to what we would have paid for at a normal rate. There's really no such thing as "free" anymore.

Surprisingly, we actually walked through Shari La from the jungle to the beach and we couldn't be more happier to decide to stay at Bubu because Shari La was ... crap. Long Beach still is the best part of Perhentian Kecil because this other side of the beach didn't have much going on and the sand wasn't that smooth. After exploring a little, we decided to head back where we came from.

If you are on Long Beach, and would love to check out the other side of the beach, all you have to do is walk towards World Cafe, there's a side walk towards your right (if facing World Cafe). Take that path. It will lead you to the other side. Be prepared for monitor lizards and VERY steep uphill climbs.


After plenty of huffs and puffs, we decided to rest at World Cafe. World Cafe is run by the same owner of Bubu Long Beach Resort, only that World Resort is catered to honeymooners who prefer a quiet beach time, service of higher standard and really nice rooms but rates starts from RM700+ a night. By the time we settled down on one of the seats, overlooking the sea.. I was sweating so much that if they made a difference in weight, I would have lost tons! Great workout nonetheless.

For the rest of the day, we lazed by the beach. Had sandwich for tea. Dipped and sun tanned. Made silly jumps and stunts. It was the perfect beach day.


Closer to sunset, the clouds came rolling in. It was scary how dark the clouds were. We thought it was going to rain buckets but soon after, they went away.


There were giant monitor lizards on the resort ground. Workers of the resort were actually throwing raw chicken to feed them. I guess it is so that they don't come barging into the area for food if they keep doing that. Hopefully the lizards don't breed too much and eventually take over the island.


When it was time, we headed over to Panorama Cafe for another round of awesome food and comedy for dinner. This time, the hubs ordered something from the BBQ menu and I had one of their signature chicken in cream sauce which was really really good! Though they took pretty long to prepare them. Then we chilled while they played What To Expect When You Are Not Expecting. I love Elizabeth Banks! I find her super funny.

So, that concluded our vacation of 2012. We usually do island trips once a year. Could have been more, but there's the wedding coming. Probably more to come after the wedding, then! Boy, I miss the beach alot.

Oh, speaking of beach. Clothes For Fun just launched a new beachwear line called Malibu Beachwear. Here are some bikinis from Malibu Beachwear. Click on any of the photos to be directed to the actual site :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Angry Birds comes LIVE with Samsung SMART TV

When I first heard of the latest and newest Angry Birds TV Game App on Samsung SMART TV, I thought I heard wrong. Can an app be downloaded on TV? I thought it was only for smart phones.

A selected number of bloggers were invited for the launch at Best Denki, One Utama last weekend and that was when I saw a large Angry Birds game display on a 60" LED wide screen.

Isn't it funny that back then we thought playing a game on our phone was good enough? Now, games are available on TV (as wide as you like!) and they are motion-controlled.


Samsung SMART TV is the first first television to offer the hugely popular game, which can be played and controlled by hand gestures. Angry Birds TV Game App is available on all Smart Interaction enabled models by updating the latest firmware.

Place your hand mid-air for 2 seconds for the sensor to detect your hand
Wave to move the cursor and close your hands to select. Easy peasy!

I gave it a try during the launch to see how it felt like being Ethan Hunt for once. It took me a couple of times before I got used to the speed of the sensor. After that, it was simply waving back and forth trying to launch the birds onto the pigs as best as I could. I can't aim for nuts.


Besides having games on the SMART TV, Samsung SMART TV is a community on its own where home users can have the privilege of connecting with friends and family through Samsung's instant sharing space, Family Story. Family Story provides a quick way to upload photos to a gallery, even from your mobile devices. Users are also able to chat in real time, post messages and share important family events to keep everyone up to date instantly.


Exercise at home using the video-on-demand service and manage your workout history with Fitness, another signature service of Samsung SMART TV. You can also track your progress by downloading the Exercise App into your mobile device. This really does come in handy when you don't have time for a trip to the gym.


SMART TV is even better used if you have children at home or if you are planning to have start a family. Kids presents a variety of child-friendly programming and exciting games so your children can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.


"Samsung envisions the TV as the centre piece of the home, and will strive to develop more content to bring family members together," said Kwon Jae Hon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

You guys know which TV to switch to after this :)

DSC02386Aren't these fluffy birds cute or what?