Friday, October 5, 2012

Angry Birds comes LIVE with Samsung SMART TV

When I first heard of the latest and newest Angry Birds TV Game App on Samsung SMART TV, I thought I heard wrong. Can an app be downloaded on TV? I thought it was only for smart phones.

A selected number of bloggers were invited for the launch at Best Denki, One Utama last weekend and that was when I saw a large Angry Birds game display on a 60" LED wide screen.

Isn't it funny that back then we thought playing a game on our phone was good enough? Now, games are available on TV (as wide as you like!) and they are motion-controlled.


Samsung SMART TV is the first first television to offer the hugely popular game, which can be played and controlled by hand gestures. Angry Birds TV Game App is available on all Smart Interaction enabled models by updating the latest firmware.

Place your hand mid-air for 2 seconds for the sensor to detect your hand
Wave to move the cursor and close your hands to select. Easy peasy!

I gave it a try during the launch to see how it felt like being Ethan Hunt for once. It took me a couple of times before I got used to the speed of the sensor. After that, it was simply waving back and forth trying to launch the birds onto the pigs as best as I could. I can't aim for nuts.


Besides having games on the SMART TV, Samsung SMART TV is a community on its own where home users can have the privilege of connecting with friends and family through Samsung's instant sharing space, Family Story. Family Story provides a quick way to upload photos to a gallery, even from your mobile devices. Users are also able to chat in real time, post messages and share important family events to keep everyone up to date instantly.


Exercise at home using the video-on-demand service and manage your workout history with Fitness, another signature service of Samsung SMART TV. You can also track your progress by downloading the Exercise App into your mobile device. This really does come in handy when you don't have time for a trip to the gym.


SMART TV is even better used if you have children at home or if you are planning to have start a family. Kids presents a variety of child-friendly programming and exciting games so your children can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.


"Samsung envisions the TV as the centre piece of the home, and will strive to develop more content to bring family members together," said Kwon Jae Hon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

You guys know which TV to switch to after this :)

DSC02386Aren't these fluffy birds cute or what?

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