Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watch2Win by Code10 Malaysia

Everyone loves watching videos right? Videos like Siri Take Over The World, Guy Survived from Cow Attack, Idiot Rams into Old Lady, Cat Caught Stealing Babies from Neighbors and maybe one of the most recent, Oppa Gangnam Style.

And then you come across this


What if I told you that you can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 just by watching a video. Say, a video showing a guy caught showering with a ghost? Wait, that was wrong. A guy showering while ghost watches? Creepy. But what if that wins you an S3?

Interested? Gotten your attention?

Read further. It's pretty simple actually.

What you'll have to do is watch this short clip. This guy is seriously nuts for encountering a ghost in his house.



Now remember, Samsung Galaxy S3 might be yours if you follow these steps closely.

1) LIKE Code 10 Malaysia on Facebook
2) Watch the video I posted above (if you've done that great! if not watch it, coward!)
3) Answer a question in the comments section of the post. (click here)
4) Share the video and tag at least three (3) friends on Facebook.
5) Read the Terms & Conditions.

Code 10 is only giving out ONE PRIZE PER VIDEO. If Samsung Galaxy S3 is what you've always wanted, this is your chance to win it.


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