Monday, October 22, 2012

David Guetta Live at Sepang International Circuit

I am proud to say that David Guetta was my second rave but my first love for rave. Remember how much I hated Dash Berlin's concert in my previous post. Well, this one was superb, which I totally did not expect at all!

Thanks to my aunt, she gave us 4 passes to David Guetta, courtesy of GAB. We rode the new VW beetle and started singing along to Dayton's David Guetta mixes on cd all the way to Sepang International Circuit that night.


It was crazy packed, eventhough it was at 11pm. We timed ourselves to arrive right before his slot but found ourselves lining up at the main entrance. Even before we managed to make it into the area, we heard Titanium. What happened was everyone at the entrance started singing to it, which was really awesome. The whole circuit was filled with happy vibes, I simply loved it. As compared to Dash Berlin, there were many inconsiderate human beings there but it was quite the opposite with this one.

Jess & I in our blinking horns. Bought for RM10 outside the entrance. The thing started going crooked...after a few minutes. Totally not worth it - quality wise but it was pretty useful when it came to our friends trying to follow us through the crowd! All they had to do was look for the two blinking horns!

Also met my high school friends, Pixie, Clara, Eugene, Fai, and Yaw. Was great seeing them, after 10years! Time really does fly but all of us agreed that we looked the same, except that we weren't in our uniforms. LOL.


I'd say that the organizers did a great job. There were plenty of room for everyone to stand and dance. Love how they kept the toilets clean. Overall, I enjoyed David Guetta alot

That's Mojo standing up to check out their new toy. I find it super adorable when cats stand like that!

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