Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunny Day 3 at Long Beach, Perhentian Island


Day 3 was what I called, a beach day. The sun was at its' peak, burning every skin cell I have, or had. We took a walk to the other side of the beach, which required some trekking in the woods. Nothing prepared me for the uphill and downhill climb.Seriously.


By the time we emerged from the woods to the other part of the beach, I WAS BREATHLESS.


Before we planned this trip to Bubu Long Beach, we actually had a "free" voucher to stay at Shari La but in the end we decided to give that up because there were so many additional fees that the total came up so much more compared to what we would have paid for at a normal rate. There's really no such thing as "free" anymore.

Surprisingly, we actually walked through Shari La from the jungle to the beach and we couldn't be more happier to decide to stay at Bubu because Shari La was ... crap. Long Beach still is the best part of Perhentian Kecil because this other side of the beach didn't have much going on and the sand wasn't that smooth. After exploring a little, we decided to head back where we came from.

If you are on Long Beach, and would love to check out the other side of the beach, all you have to do is walk towards World Cafe, there's a side walk towards your right (if facing World Cafe). Take that path. It will lead you to the other side. Be prepared for monitor lizards and VERY steep uphill climbs.


After plenty of huffs and puffs, we decided to rest at World Cafe. World Cafe is run by the same owner of Bubu Long Beach Resort, only that World Resort is catered to honeymooners who prefer a quiet beach time, service of higher standard and really nice rooms but rates starts from RM700+ a night. By the time we settled down on one of the seats, overlooking the sea.. I was sweating so much that if they made a difference in weight, I would have lost tons! Great workout nonetheless.

For the rest of the day, we lazed by the beach. Had sandwich for tea. Dipped and sun tanned. Made silly jumps and stunts. It was the perfect beach day.


Closer to sunset, the clouds came rolling in. It was scary how dark the clouds were. We thought it was going to rain buckets but soon after, they went away.


There were giant monitor lizards on the resort ground. Workers of the resort were actually throwing raw chicken to feed them. I guess it is so that they don't come barging into the area for food if they keep doing that. Hopefully the lizards don't breed too much and eventually take over the island.


When it was time, we headed over to Panorama Cafe for another round of awesome food and comedy for dinner. This time, the hubs ordered something from the BBQ menu and I had one of their signature chicken in cream sauce which was really really good! Though they took pretty long to prepare them. Then we chilled while they played What To Expect When You Are Not Expecting. I love Elizabeth Banks! I find her super funny.

So, that concluded our vacation of 2012. We usually do island trips once a year. Could have been more, but there's the wedding coming. Probably more to come after the wedding, then! Boy, I miss the beach alot.

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