Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LeSportSac Joyrich & Jeremyville SS11 Fashion Show @ Midvalley


Exactly a week ago, I attended LeSportSac Joyrich & Jeremyville SS11 Fashion Show at Midvalley.

The thing is, the fiance and I went there to register and I was not given a media press kit. Instead I was given a little LeSportSac plastic bag, an exclusive invitation to be a vip member of LeSportSac, RM45 cash voucher and a little gold Joyrich LA keychain. So, I was wondering, how am I suppose to blog about the event when I wasn't given any information?


Thank the world wide web, anything can be retrieved and from what I've gathered about Joyrich & Jeremyville's collaboration with LeSportSac,


"LeSportsac has been collaborating with its new artist-in-residence, Jeremyville, and has extended its spring collaboration with Los Angeles design house, Joyrich.

Jeremyville created three themes for LeSportsac: “Bondi Beach Sketchbook,” “Jeremyville NYC” and “Tomorrow Forest.” The range is called “Inspirations” and is based on sketches drawn at the neighborhood cafes of the artist’s two studios.

“Bondi Beach Sketchbook” is based on the scenes from his childhood neighborhood in Sydney, Australia. “Jeremyville NYC” is based on his favorite metropolis, New York City. Meanwhile, “Tomorrow Forest” is an imaginary world populated with strange furry creatures, bird-people, and smiling mushrooms.

The Joyrich collection gives classic LeSportsac styles the “Joyrich” treatment. “I would say [it] is a more fashion-forward line,” said Ms. Reyes, who noted it is geared more towards fashionable women.

“The gold triangle logos placed in front of the bags are Joyrich icons,” she said. The hardware and zipper pulls found in all of the bags are also in gold.

“The material’s new. If you notice one of the styles that has a quilted pattern, that’s also a Joyrich patent.”

The silhouettes applied to the collection are all taken from the classics.

Selected styles will include an exclusive Joyrich charm which can be clipped to a belt loop or key-ring." - taken from http://www.bworldonline.com/


and here are the pictures of the new LeSportSac Joyrich & Jeremyville SS11 collection!

Psst, yours truly here beat the rest of the professional photographers to center stage OK! Hence, all these nice close up shots!


Then in the middle of the fashion show, they had a dance performance which got the crowd cheering and I loved it!


and later, continued with the rest of the fashion show.


Soon the fashion show was over, followed by an end walk of all the models of the night.

Dance crew and models

Definitely an enjoyable night for me. I absolutely heart attending fashion shows and this wasn't all as the night after, I attended Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur along with a few members of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers. Will definitely post that up soon, so stay tuned my maggots!

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