Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot & Spicy Kon Lo Mee @ Happie Bazaaria

Ever since I've tasted Aunty Luciene's homemade Melaka Kon Lo Mee, I've always wanted more.

Usually, people would categorize Kon Lo Mee as Wan Tan Mee but this is not the case because Melaka Kon Lo Mee is different from our local Wan Tan Mee and I personally don't like Wan Tan Mee. I guess I am not a mee person as I am quite particular with my noodles. The only noodles I eat are lou shu fun and mai fun.


So Aunty Luciene & Uncle Sam finally opened a store at Happie Bazaaria two weekends ago to share her absolutely delicious kon lo mee with the rest of Sri Petaling food crowd. Happie Bazaaria is located just opposite The Store. If you stay at Sri Petaling, you should be able to find your way but for those who are not from around that area and would love to try this super delicious Hot & Spicy Kon Lo Mee, an address would be provided at the end of this post.


I was there the night they officially opened and I had a taste of their mee. You know how some times when you cook at home for a small crowd, the dishes turn out delicious and stuff but if you try cooking for alot of people, most of the time the dishes do not turn out tasting the same. Well Aunty Luciene's Kon Lo Mee wasn't the case, my mee came and it tasted as delicious as how it was back at their house.

So people, if you ever need a break from your usual day to day food routine, make a drive down to Sri Petaling, Happie Bazaaria and look for Hot & Spicy Kon Lo Mee stall to taste some real good home cooked Melaka Kon Lo Mee.


Sorry guys, no address but I got a map for you :D

Happie Bazaaria is just located near Public Bank Seri Petaling!

Hot & Spicy Kon Lo Mee
At Happie Bazaaria, Sri Petaling

Business Hours
Saturdays & Sundays : 6pm - 11pm (while food lasts)

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