Monday, April 11, 2011

A Perfect Brunch at Tom Dick & Harry's @ TTDI


You know? No you don't!

I didn't know why I had the urge to start with that but do pardon my weird opening of a blog post as I have some delicious news to share with all of you!

I had an AMAZING brunch last Saturday at Tom Dick & Harry's.


You know (yes I am gonna tell you now), my first meeting with the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers peeps was supposed to be at Tom Dick & Harry's for brunch one fine Saturday but my contractor had to call me the day before to tell me that we are short of some tiles, hence I had to cancel my attendance to sort out my tiles issue =_=" and missed out on some AWESOME dishes that they had that day T_T.

I soon forgot about it after attending Brotzeit because you know (uhuh) when I've not tasted something, I don't really know how delicious it actually is, so Brotzeit completely brainwashed me somehow.

Then I saw Sarah's food review post of MHB's food trip to Tom Dick & Harry's and the pictures were .. making my eyes go @_@ and my mouth salivating T_T! and the moral of the story is, when I see something that looked so good and delicious, I just had to try it!


The fiance and I made our way to TDH at about 130pm (more like lunch right?) but fraid not! Their breakfast menu stretches to 2pm. Unlike any official food review where the restaurant spoils bloggers with countless plates of dishes, we only ordered two (not much money to spare nowadays =()

Okay, lets start with the good stuff!

Coffee/Tea & Mango juice which comes with your breakfast set. I chose coffee as you can see and their coffee is really nice! Extremely smooth and light. My kinda good stuff!

While waiting for the food, I had to snap this. Loving the whole concrete effect :)

Savoury Pancakes RM16

The fiance ordered this and I had a bite, or rather two bites and love the whole pancake texture. It is extremely tasty, the right amount of fluffiness and very light. Doesn't make you feel extremely bloated after you have this and the melted parmesan cheese, people! So so good when melted with that strip of bacon and ham! I've not eaten pancakes this way before but this is a definite must try if you are a pancake lover.

Corned Beef Frittatas RM16


Sliced it up for a better look on the inside! This is somewhat like a western murtabak. Only it is loaded with bacon bits, ham, errrrrrrrr ham... what was that I tasted? err oh! Hashbrown~! Yeap and it was oh so good!

So we were both really enjoying our meal as we've not had real American breakfast like this in such a long time! Hotels are our favourite for having breakfast actually so if any of you hotel peeps is seeing this, YOU KNOW WHO TO EMAIL!

Totally enjoying his meal! Thumbs up yo!

Loving my cuppa coffee :D

An excellent place for breakfast. Reasonably priced and food is extremely delicious.

Tom Dick & Harry's
18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours
Monday to Friday : 4pm - 1am
Saturday to Sunday : 10am - 2am

T : +603 - 7710 2122 / 019 - 697 5080 (Carrie)


  1. my nose looks darn big la in the photo with me looking down.. hahahah

  2. Oh you should taste the rest of their breakfast menu! Yummmmmmm!

  3. wanted to butttttt no MONEY lah! but will definitely go back to try more of their Bfast meals. I am a Bfast meal person! Loveeeee hotel bfasts..