Thursday, January 14, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

It has been a hectic 2months for me but since I am doing absolutely nothing now, I'll just blog bout my New year's.

We did it. We went to Genting (at long last!) during New Year's but before that, we dropped by Janda Baik, one of Michelle's friend's spare house. Shall not elaborate people's details but the house is really nice. Had our lunch there. Superb lamb shank & tossed salad with mustard sauce!

New Year 2010-1

After lunch, we headed to Genting. Just baby and I. Oh my excitement literally died when I saw there were MORE THAN THE USUAL CROWD up at Genting. Tourist from China mostly, followed by India and well.. our locals. The place was packed! It was hot and stuffy indoors. Hard to walk comfortably. The best thing was, we did not even get to get on with our usual routine which was to walk the entire place and then during the evening sip coffee at Starbucks. Nope we didnt because Starbucks was full! No place to sit, can you freaking believe it? We drove so damn far and we couldnt even do a single thing that we used to whenever we go Genting for the day. Didnt even get to walk in peace. Absolutely nothing!

New Year 2010-2

I was so damn disappointed, I tell you!

Oh the brighter side of that trip, it was really cold and foggy. Love it when my nose gets cold.

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