Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Way to End the Week

It's just so sad thinking about it. My house got robbed on Sunday night between 5pm to 11pm. Well, 5pm was because the neighbour left his house and saw that my house gate was still intact. When he came back from Tennis around 10pm, he saw that my house gate was wide open and my house was dark. Judging by the fact that my house was pitch black, I'd conclude that the robbers went in just after my neighbour left his house because it was still evening, plenty of light in the house.

What was stolen? Well, my mom's laptop, her own jewelleries and jewelleries which belonged to my late grandmother that she kept for memories. My step dad's notebook. The watch that baby gave me. A gold necklace with cute eggplant jade pendant that my step grandmother gave me. A gold ring with 7 green diamonds. The bracelet my sister gave me for my 23rd birthday.

The saddest part of this whole robbing thing was when I went to bed after the police came, and suddenly had thoughts of my watch. I switched on the light, and saw that it was gone from my table. Well, because they actually took something so precious to me, I CURSE THAT THEY SUFFER THEIR ENTIRE LIFE (right now cant think of anything nasty, so that shud do for now).

But I am grateful that I wasnt in the house when it happened because it was the exact time where Baby had football and I wanted to go home to do my chores and stuff. Instead this time, I stayed at his house watching Pink Panther 2 while all this happened. I wouldnt wanna imagine what would happened if I were in there.

Would they not break into my house because I was in there? Or would it not make much a difference because I am just a girl?

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