Friday, January 29, 2010

END of January ALREADY!!

Oh my god, you have no idea how excited I am. You know how everyone is moaning and groaning that time is flying by extremely fast and it was as if yesterday was New Years and now another month has passed but I can tell you that I wish it is December already..hmm if only I have that remote Adam Sandler had in Click. Anyways, this month is so over and now I am looking forward to February!

Whats in February for me? Well, I actually recalled not long ago that I mentioned I will be going to Lang Tengah and there's like a month plus to go but nooooo! Not this time!! I only have like 3 more weeks to go and bye bye KL, hellow sea turtles!! Maybe not this time of the year but.. Hello BEACH! Cant you just feel the excitement that I am giving out? I knoww, I can feel every inch of them at my finger tips.

Anyway, besides Lang Tengah, the best thing bout Feruary is I only need to work EIGHT FREAKING DAYS! Thanks to me for not taking leave throughout the year, I had to clear my 2009 leave by March so I took all 8days in February so including all the Public Holidays we are having in February, I only need to work 8 days next month and the month will definitely pass by like I jump across it and landed on March.

Oh, and I am going to Pangkor for 3d/2n during the week before CNY with mah family and baby of course. The downfall. NO BIKINIS! Not infront of my family. NO WAY. My mother will probably die from heart attack. Not sure what on earth we are gona do there since I cant lie down on the deck chair in my bikini reading my novel which is what I usually do when I go to the beach because I find it extremely relaxing to hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore while I read. Perfect!

So next month will probably be the best month I will have for the whole year, I am so looking forward to March already!! That means 8 more months to go until I can say HOME SWEET HOME!

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