Monday, June 27, 2011

What went down at Carlsberg "Where's the Party?"

I know you've been waiting for this but this is just a teaser post of what went down during one of the biggest party Carlsberg had to offer!

I intend to go into a full on experience post about this event so stay tuned, maggots!

From the whole suspense at the meeting point where Carlsberg picked us up to the "secret" party venue, the location of the event, fun and wet games they've arranged for us, extremely sexy djs rocking the night with their remixes, people just having the time of their lives, and the awesomest once in a lifetime experience and because of the wicked weekend that I've had, THAT obviously CALLS FOR A CARLSBERG! :D

My very first Nerf Gun battle with the styrofoam Carlsberg cans

Bouncing along are Tim and Naomi!

Got my first air brush tattoo. Loving the rose!

Naomi all relaxed at the aroma therapy leg massage

Wilee got carried and thrown into the sea!

Naomi all hamstered up into the ball! A wicked match she had against the other hamster. LOL

Tim got revenged. Wilee managed to dunk him!

Carlsberg girls all ready to get you wet with their mega water guns

Tim got washed..ahahahahahahaa

Sexy djs to spice up the night and got the party rocking!

Andy had so much fun, lost it and poured beer on himself! :D

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