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Food Review at The Hill @ Damansara Heights

I told myself that I have to blog about The Hill today before I completely forget because it is ought to be shared among everybody who loves to eat and drink as the place is simply lovely. (I AM MISSING THE FIRST SCREENING OF AVATAR ON STAR MOVIES FOR THIS, OKAY. SO IT IS THAT GOOD! and everyone knows that I am a HUGE fan of Avatar.)

The Hill layout-1

The Hill was kind enough to host us, Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers for dinner on a nice and quiet Tuesday evening. Why I said quiet? I was all mentally and physically prepared for the rush hour jam all the way from Old Klang Road, heading to The Hill which is located at Damansara Heights. If you know where is Jarrod & Rawlin's then you'll find The Hill slightly up above the hill (duh! ahahaha) after J&R. I was suppose to be there by 8pm, so I left my house at 6.45pm and to my surprise, ABSOLUTELY SMOOTH flowing traffic along the way and it only took me 15mins to get there. So not only was I 1 hour early, I was the first one :D

Jockey is at RM10. Despite reading bad reviews about The Hill's jockey parking, I was actually expecting bad services but all I got was a friendly jockey person. Yeah, I kind of did a few reading of the place before I went over because I had to find out how to get there. To avoid paying RM10 for jockey, I think you can park slightly below the hill and walk up but according to one of my friends, no matter where you park at around that area, bound to be a jockey area so might as well pay that RM10 and have your car parked near.

I got a good look at the place before nightfall and it was my first time there. I absolutely love the place. The first thing that came to my mind was, "how lovely!" when I first saw it.

A place as cozy as The Hill is really unlikely to come by. The only other place that I've been to, which has the same ambiance as The Hill is probably Sky Bar. You can say it is also quite close to Tamarind Hills but I've not been there, so I am not the one to judge. Anyways, expect a whole lot of warmth and comfort.

The Hill layout-2

The first floor is an alfresco dining area where regulars love to dine and chill right after. Familiar faces such as Pamela Chong and Stephanie Chua were spotted chilling among the crowd.

The Hill layout-4
The Hill layout-3

The second floor is an enclosed air conditioned area, more for drinking sessions and crowds who prefer to sit and enjoy the music. So if you would like to have a birthday party with liquor, this is the floor to be making your reservations at. Also, the bar is right on this floor as well. They have one on the first floor too if you were wondering.

The Hill layout-5

The third floor is more for dining. Romantic settings, with blue (or was it black?) and off white table cloths to set the mood. This floor is more for functions. You can dine on all floors actually but if you want to have a nice and quiet meal with someone special, this is the floor to be at.

Oh, and there's a private room available for reservation as well. Didn't manage to take a picture of that but there's a room fit for maybe more than 10 pax. Probably holds max 15.

Naomi & Me
Naomi & I

Now, since we have done with the whole layout of the place, I am very sure you are curious about the FOOD! Yes, now here is the delicious part.

We started off with :

Tim's version of starters..

01 Stella
A glass of Stella

07 Tetley's Half Pint & Full Pint
Tetley's Half Pint & Full Pint

08 Kronenbourh Half Pint & Full Pint
Kronenbourg Half Pint & Full Pint

Once everybody was present, the dishes were called out.

Salads & Starters

02 Soft Shell Crab Salad RM18
Soft Shell Crab Salad RM18
with wafu dressing

OOZZINGGGG WITH FLAVOR! This was my favourite dish of the night! Soft shell crab was lightly battered, salted with love, so crispy it melts in your mouth, and EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!

03 Chilli Clams RM16 RM28
Chilli Clams 1/2 portion RM16 Full portion RM28. We had the full portion.
in venetian style chilli wine broth zuchini and tomatoes (served with toasted baquette)

04 Chilli Clams RM16 RM28

This dish is also very delicious in a local zesty flavor way. (did that make sense?) These clams are delivered fresh every single day and that means, FRESH! However, the down side is these clams are very limited. My first thought when I had it scooped into my mouth was, "VERY SHYIOK!". If you love seafood with a hint of spiciness, then you must try this. It is lightly chillied. Very rich in chili padi taste. Believe me, very suitable for those who can't take chilli as well because Sarah couldn't take chilli and she mentioned that this dish was absolutely okay for her.


05 Nachos RM25
Nachos RM25

We were hosted by Roen, one of the owner of The Hill and he mentioned that this is The Hill's regulars favourite sharing dish. Comes with chilli con carne. To me it was really flavorful. The cheese! MmmmmMmmm..

06 Deep Fried Salted Egg Calamari RM14
Deep Fried Salted Egg Calamari RM14

Sarah and I were wondering if they have anything with salted egg so Roen ordered this for us to try. He mentioned that they have dishes that are very fusion to suit to our local taste buds, such as this because cooking a dish with salted egg is more towards chinese cuisine.

I found that the calamari was battered just right. Not too thick, if you know what I mean. With a bite, it sent the calamari juice and flavor into my mouth but I hardly tasted the salted egg as it wasn't mixed with the batter, more so tossed with the fried calamaris as I could see bits and pieces of them around the calamaris.

09 The Hill Cheese Fire Roll RM32
The Hill "Cheese Fire" Roll RM32
there's soft shell crab, cucumber, unagi with grilled cheese.

It was served warm. In my opinion, sweet with soft shell crab. Anything with soft shell crab, I'm in Love!


010 Smoked Duck in Creamy Tomato Sauce RM30 (Penne)
Smoked Duck in Creamy Tomato Sauce RM30 (Penne)

Lightly tomatoed. (I know I come up with my own words)
Bits of blended mushrooms which were rich in flavour. Hardly tasted any duck though because it was blended as well and was mixed all together.

016 Aglio olio RM48
Aglio Olio RM48 (Spaghetti)
Jumbo tiger prawns tossed in extra virgin oil & chilli flakes.

Sadly, I didn't get to try this because there were about 15 of us and I didn't even know this dish was served until it was cleaned off the plate. Nicole tried it and she said it was delicious. She loves Aglio Oglio so I guess it must have been really good!


011 Fish & Chips RM25
Fish & Chips RM25 (Dory)
wrapped with vinegar, english style babeh!

First bite of the fish was very very tender. Absolutely juicy and fresh. Sauce not too thick! Just right and it matches extremely well with the fish.

012 The Hill Signature Pan Fried Salmon RM38
The Hill Signature Pan Fried Salmon RM38
wrapped in their special house batter served with a side of sauteed spinach.

I am no salmon lover. Nope. I dislike anything fishy, really and when I mentioned this to Erica who was sitting right beside me, picking portions up for me as I noted down the details of the food that night (THANKS, BABE! without you, I think I wouldn't have tasted almost everything) she gave me an unbelievable look, as if I am missing out on the best thing ever. So, I gave it a shot and I've got to say, even though it was fishy, which is naturally what a salmon would tastes like, I find that it was quite nice. Very pleasant. That's all I can say, maybe you can go over to Erica's blog to find out how she found it since she loves salmon so so much!

013 The Green Monster RM28
The Green Monster RM28
juicy lamb patty, fried onion rings with green goo.

You know the green goo that you can find around the drain. Yea, that's the green goo that I am talking about. Topped with that lamb patty, covered with burger buns and voila! The Green Monster, for you!

You know I am kidding right? LOL. Well, my maggots. The green goo simply means mint. Yep! Very interesting, right? That was my first thought when I flipped over the burger section on their menu. All the burgers are described in colours. For example if you spotted The Black Monster, means it comes with black goo. Black means black pepper. Yeap! So we had the lamb burger from the menu and being a lamb lover, I am more aware of lamb dishes. I personally prefer harder patties. This one was blended finely, therefore it was a little bit to the softer side.

014 Brontosaurus Beef Ribs with Wedges RM78
Brontosaurus Beef Ribs with Wedges RM78

015 Brontosaurus Beef Ribs with Wedges RM78

Note this if this dish catches your eyes. LIMITED TO 10 SERVINGS PER NIGHT! The Hill caters to only 10, so if you don't want to miss out on this "gets your hands dirty" dish, you may call first to reserve. Loved this dish. The ribs were so good! A little bit spicy with BBQ sauce all over. Trust me, this is finger licking good!


017 Chocolate Brownie RM13
Chocolate Brownie RM13
with chocolate fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Brownie is very tasteful. Lightly sweetened and crispy!

020 Coconut Pannacotta Reducation RM18
Coconut Pannacotta Reduction RM18

Coconut-ish with strawberry jam! If you love strawberries, this is the dessert for you :D

021 French Apple Tart RM13
French Apple Tart RM13
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

022 Banoffee Pie RM13
Banoffee Pie RM13
with fresh cream

Very exotic. A mixture of Banana and Toffee! Now that is something you don't find everywhere! mmmmMmmm..this is spoon licking good!

Desserts of the day

Please ask their lovely waiter/waitress what are their desserts of the day.
Ours was...

018 Dessert of the day - Dark Cherry Cheese Cake RM13
Dark Cherry Cheese Cake RM13
brandy as sauce. Lightly flambe!

It was sort of like creme brulee to me which I totally love! Quite cherry-ish.

019 Dessert of the day - Pavlova RM13
Pavlova RM13

I SIMPLY LOVE IT. The bottom biscuit simply melts, MELTS in my mouth.

Then time for some added zing to spice up the night ;P

The Hill's specially made cocktails that you can find no where else!

023 Watermelon Slush (vodka + lychee liqueur + watermelon) RM40
Watermelon Slush (vodka + lychee liqueur + watermelon) RM40

All drinking Watermelon Slush
All drinking Watermelon Slush-2
The weird fella peeping at you is our lovely founder...LOL

024 Milo + Baileys
Kahlua + Vodka + Milo

025 Pineapple
Pineapple something. I'm so sorry, I didn't write this down because I completely forgot when I saw how cute these cocktails were.

All drinking Pineapple

026 Andy's Mojito
Andy's Mojito

And so, that's all for food. I can almost hear you guys say, "Awwwwwwwwww"..

Steph's cake blow
We chilled a little, mingled alot and then it was time for us to sing to our lovely Stephanie who just turned 21! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.. :D

Then as usual, we had group shots! My outfit for the night was Wisp in Black at RM48 from Clothes For Fun

Group Photo with Roen & Tim
The girls with Roen & Tim

Group Photo with Andy & Tim
All the MHB peeps!

Group Photo-2

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights

T: 016-2291 505
FB: click here

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