Monday, June 13, 2011

Falique & Elina

Just two days ago, I attended a friend's wedding.


I was just thinking the other day, it seems like everybody is shooting pass me and I am engaged like since aeons ago. Ok, not so long lah but about 2 years ago and most of my friends are already getting married not long after they've been engaged.

We were supposed to get married this year actually, that was the plan but due to financial reasons, we decided to postpone our wedding and live life comfortably first as we just got a house not long ago.


Next up who will be having a wedding will be Charmane & Anthony who got engaged last year and then I think it would be Wynton & Astrid who got engaged this year. I feel old for some reason because people around me is settling down with their partners and having a life of their own. I am too but what I mean is that I never thought I would be here, right now, experiencing friends wedding and stuff. I thought it will still be a long way to go.

Just the other day, was having drinks with a couple of friends at the new Steven's Corner at OUG. Man, tables and tables of young kids. We were all so....... in denial still! LOL. As I was about to say, "we are old..", one of my friends said, "no, we are just more mature but still young!".

Anyway, looking back at my life, I have no regrets. I am looking forward to many weddings to come of friends and relatives. I simply love attending weddings because the bride is always glowing and the groom is always looking so happy! and on the plus side, I get to dress up too! ahahahaha..


So last Saturday was Falique's wedding. I know Falique since 8 years ago, as I've been with the fiance for as long as that. So ladies, one pilot forever taken. Time to gear up and snatch all the good ones, if you know what I mean? ;P


It was an open kenduri style, so we had buffet! Malay dishes were served and I had everything on my plate to taste.

The fiance, Izzy and her friend

with Duan, Falique's cousin

Yours truly

cutting cake to "my endless love". I wanted to cry! (tears of joy!)

Falique & Elina, I wish you both all the best in life. A journey together that will bring joy and laughter, happiness and fulfillment, loads of kids and grandkids and most of all LOVE :D


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