Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dad's 56th at Jake's Charbroil Steak @ Medan Damansara

All along after trying Prime @ Le Meridien, I've been hearing about Jake's. Well, if you know Victoria Station along Jalan..not too sure but the one heading towards Bangsar from PJ, then you'll find Jake's Charbroil Steak situated at a cozy little corner right next to Victoria Station.


Since I've never brought my dad to a nice western place for a celebration, I've decided to have the four of us over at Jake's. Since it is known for their steaks and red meat, and I've always wanted to try that place, why not? and the birthday boy loves his red meat, just that he hasn't venture out enough for a piece of good ol' steak.


If you must know, the place is rather packed, and it was a Friday night so do pre-book if you plan to dine at Jake's. Parking is quite the pain in the butt as well around that area (too many good places to eat, too little parking spaces), RM7 for valet is quite reasonable comparing to driving up and down the hill along a narrow space, looking for a spot.

So anyways, since I was browsing through their website, they mentioned that if any of their guest is celebrating their birthday there, they will have a complimentary cake with a group of waitresses/waiters singing the birthday song. Well, that was what I read and understood, so when I called to pre-book and mentioned that it is my dad's birthday, they gave me 4 choices of cakes to choose from. I chose the brownie they offered and told them to serve the birthday cake cum surprise birthday song singing at the end of our meal.


We were greeted by a very friendly lady when we were there. Placed us at a cozy little corner, in a booth to be precise. I absolutely love the ambience there. Very westernized with sections of wooden booths for guests to feel cozy and private at the same time. Lights are dimmed just right, and perfect for those who just want to have a good meal after work as it is somewhat relaxing with a pub-grub atmosphere to it.

So we placed our orders and even though I can't remember the prices, or what exactly were our dishes called, I can tell you whether they are worthy of your penny.

Freshly squeezed orange juice for me. I think it was about RM10-RM12. Not so sure but expect around that range.

Lamb Steak with Mint Jelly! This was what I ordered and I absolutely love it. By far the best lamb steak I've ever tasted. Hands down to the chef for this! Not so sure of the price range, I think it was RM36 plus. Around there..

Salmon..not too sure how it taste because I don't fancy eating salmon. Fishy ain't my thing..price range, also about RM30 plus

Ahhh, since my dad didn't know what to order. I had him order this. Lamb ribs with Bbq sauce. Meat was juicy and tender. However, as a lamb lover, I find that the bbq sauce somehow covered the real taste of the lamb. Still good enough actually but I preferred my lamb steak! Price was about RM40 plus?

Burger at about RM28 plus if not mistaken. This was what the fiance ordered and he said it was good. I took a small bite but I can't really remember how it tasted. It tasted good, that's for sure but not the best. We came to an agreement that we've tasted better.

So after our meal, a group of waitresses/waiters came to sing my dad his birthday song. He was all smiles, holding the balloon and blowing the brownie topped with melted hot fudge paired with ice cream that I pre-ordered. When the bill came, I was surprised to see that the brownie was charged RM10 because as far as I understood on their website, it was FOC for birthday celebrations.


So then, I had to clear it up with one of the waiter and he said, "Oh no. The brownie has to be paid but because you ordered the brownie, we give you free Jake's towel". Ahhhh, so the catch is pay RM10 for the brownie I pre-ordered which I understood from the website that is FOC, but get a FOC towel instead. Brilliant!

Anyway, why I said this is so that whoever reads this, and plans to celebrate someone's birthday at Jake's, be clear so that you don't get shocked at the end when the bill comes.


As it was my dad's birthday, I didn't want to make a fuss and RM10 is a small price to pay when I saw that he was so happy :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY! (not that you go online anyways)
Love you :D


Jake's Charbroil Steak
21 Jalan Setiapuspa
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday : 12pm - 3pm (lunch) 6pm - 11pm (dinner)
Sunday : 630pm - 1015pm (dinner only)

T: 03-2148 1398
F: 03-2148 2398

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