Friday, September 18, 2009

A Visit to Home Sweet Home

Last Sunday, we made a visit to our future home which we will be buying off from his aunty end of next year. Oh, I cant wait! Currently it is occupied by a middle eastern family and she dropped by for her monthly rental collection last Sunday. We went with her because I wanted to have a look at the place myself, before we purchase the lot. I was abit insecure about giving a lum sum, purchasing a house that I have not seen before.

So came, 4pm and we headed to the condo. Upon entering the place, you have no idea how much I love it. The place was a little empty, or probably not that interesting to look at but I love it because of the quietness and the fact that it is roomy enough for the both of us. The balcony overlooks the swimming pool and some fern trees which were lined up in front of the gate surrounding the pool. I was smiling from ear to ear and almost couldnt control my urge to leap up and down in excitement. The tenants only knew so much that we were there to accompany his aunty to collect rental, not the future owner of the house.

"FINALLY", that was what I told myself. Finally, a place where I can call my own home. Freedom to do whatever I like with the house. Cook whatever I like in the kitchen. Put up whatever kind of curtains I want to. Have as many books I want on the shelves. Oh, I cannot wait!

Highlight of the place is the balcony and let me tell you how much I love balconies. If the place is nice but the balcony is not, I will probably scrap the place off. To me, balcony is like a sanctuary in a condo. Fresh air, great view is all I need.

So counting down the days.. we actually have 469days to go!

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