Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Hate Salesmen!

Honestly, I hate hate hate hate Salesmen. The same goes for Promoters. I admit that sometimes I find them quite helpful but most of the time, they are like mosquitoes, following you around, even when you swat them away, they still come back trying to annoy you.

So yesterday what happened was there were these two monkey faces from a certain fitness centre trying to do door to door sales. The best thing was they told one of my colleagues that they would like to send us an invitation to the launch of one of our malls in KL. Therefore, they managed to come in and changed the entire topic to their fitness centre and how they would like us to try out for their FREE trial classes, FREE spa services and I didnt even bother listening because I just wanted them GONE.

It came to a point where the conversation went like this :

Me : No I am not interested, so is the company.
Salesman : Ok but did you know, out of soOoo Many people that we have approached, only 10 who are not interested? This is a very good offer. All you need to do is to write down your details and you are entitled to our special offer.
Me : Well, I am the 11th. THANK YOU.

So I forced them out and made sure the door was locked.

Never ever treat them with respect because they clearly are not human when they do sales, all they care about is how much they can make and finding dirty ways to convince people so that they can cheat everyone's money.

Trust me, I have friends who turned into monsters just because they signed up for some sales position and when you respect them, they take advantage of you and if you want to tell them you are not interested in an extremely nice manner, they insult and spit at you for taking away their precious time for nothing.

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