Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UP by Disney during the weekend

.. is one of the very first touching cartoon I've ever seen.

During the weekend, we managed to catch UP by Disney despite the countless SOLD OUT seats we encounterd at GSC and TGV when it first premiered in Malaysia.

Just recently, we discovered the convenience of purchasing tickets on9, and the best part, we get to pick the seats ourselves too! Easy peasy, just pay by online bank transfer or credit card, take down the confirmation code, go to the reservation/eon bank fast lane counter which usually doesnt have a line of people, give them the code and voila, "Here are your tickets, enjoy your show"! Dont need to line up and keep cossing your fingers so that there are good seats left for you, dont need to keep staring at the board above the counter, just so you can hope that the orange blinking light doesnt change to red blinking light when you are almost reaching the counter to purchase the tickets, NO MORE!

UP is an excellent and remarkable cartoon made by Disney. They've definitely came a long way to blow me off like that, even made a certain someone teared during the movie (no names mentioned - point!). Teared watching a Cartoon?!


Basically it is a story of how a little boy who became a man who married his partner and became an old man who then met a little boy who wanted to make his dad proud needs the old man's help who wanted to fulfill his wife's childhood dreams, took all of them onto a remarkable journey! =)
For further info, kindly watch the movie, please! Guranteed not to be missed.

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