Friday, September 11, 2009

Proposing on Radio??

I guess some girls will probably go all mushy when all of a sudden the guy that they've been dating propose to them on the Radio. Live! On Air! Oh, just for a moment there you became famous (prolly for a couple of days then it dies) and these girls will prolly gush, squeal, cry, whatever lah that they feel like doing at that moment, followed by murmuring, "I Do!"

But this morning it was an entire different situation.

I was listening to my fav radio station, and because it is menjelang Hari Raya, Radio Stations have to play Hari Raya Songs which I usually skip. So I skip to my next choice of station and guess what was going on. Ok, it went something like this..

Girl : Hello?
Announcers : Hello! Is this ****?
Girl : Yes it is.
Announcers : Your boyfriend, **** is on the line now and he wants to talk to you.
Girl : Ok. Hi ****
Boy : Hi ****, urmmm..
Announcers : Ok we got to know from your boyfriend that you guys havent spoken for weeks and the last time you guys had a fight was about a month ago. Is that true?
Girl : Yeahh..(a little unsure of what this is about)
Announcers : So sudah nak Raya ni, forgive the poor fella lah. You miss **** or not?
Girl : (pause a little too long)... Yeah
Announcers : see****, she misses you! You miss her tak?
Boy : Miss!
Announcers : Aww.. Look at you two love birds! Ok, other than miss you, your boyfriend here wants you to know how much you mean to him and he would like to show it to you in a BIG way. **** here, wants to ASK YOU TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!! Will you marry him?????

this was where I went WHAT THE FUCK! You dont ask the girl the guy wants to propose to whether she wants to marry him! It is for the guy to do that!! Oh my gosh! Ok continue..

Girl : ...............................................(very long silence)......................................I do
Announcers : woooooooooOoooooooooO she wants to marry you ****!! Congratulations!!
Boy : Will you marry me?
Girl : (awkward) I do!
Announcers : Ok not only that, A certain jewelery shop will be giving you a diamond ring worth RM1800!! Congratulationss!!
Boy : Thank you Radio Station!!

at the end of it the girl didnt even say a single thing! Can you believe it? I would prolly be jumping down the balcony if I were proposed by a Radio Station on behalf of my boyfriend.

Honestly this Radio Station started off pretty good. I love their fun Djs at the beginning but now?? Ughh!

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