Friday, October 30, 2009

It Is Time

I knew this day would come and I am so damn excited. Every now and then, I renew the gadgets in my life. This time, it is not my camera, it is my phone! Currently I am using Sony Ericsson W80 something. The one where you can shake left and right to change to another song, which I dont recall using since I got it..sayy..2years ago?

Every Sony Ericsson phone I had, they only served me no more than 2 years before things got weird. Speakers faulty, Screen Blur, Whole thing hanged, and now .. it has a mood on its own. Shuts down by itself and when it decides to show itself again, the screen comes back to life. So yea, It is Time.

The verdict : NO MORE SONY ERICSSON cos all show, no go!!

And so far this is what I am drooling over..

The Nokia E71. Oooo I just love how classy it looks and I got to feel it myself when I used Mun Fen's to check something on the net. I was so impressed by using a phone to go online!! Talk about being outdated. I know nowadays, most of the phones can be wifi-ed but I was so awed when I got to experience that myself!! Iphone is too big for me and too expensive, but the E71 is quite compact and I just LOVE it in solid black. Yumms..

One tiny weeny problem. It is RM1799. puhhh!

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