Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love Clubbing

Hey, I actually love clubbing. I knew that like ages ago but after a long while of not going to clubs, I realised that I love clubbing when I was at MOS for the Hot Magazine Anniversary with my friends last Friday and it was great being able to just dance on the dance floor to hard core trance. I dont like trance. I thought I didnt. But on Friday, I did. So I now I know I like trance.

the fiance and the fiance

candid shot - pls ignore the one in the middle =P

us girls!

I didnt drink so I was pure sober while dancing. Previously, I find it hard to dance if I am sober and the weirdest thing is, I prefer not to drink alchohol. But then I need alchohol to dance and feel good, or else, I cannot dance but that day, I enjoyed myself on the dance floor when I am all sober.

I think I am a lost cause for now because I dont know what I want anymore.

I just wanna say that I love Sex on the Beach ;D

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