Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Month's Online Shopping!


Yep! Panel skirt from Veron. Been looking for a Bodycon skirt just like that for quite some time. Seen something similar at a couple of online shops but, I'm kinda paranoid purchasing online since my last experience with one of the blogshop which I don't think is nice to name here.

I bought this shorts which cost me RM55 (plus cod fees of RM3) from a new online blogshop. It was stated that the shorts was "High-waisted" and so happened it looked simple and nice and just exactly what I was looking for at that moment, which was a "High-Waisted Black shorts". Unfortunately, they don't model the clothes and it was hanged on the wall, so.. Gotten it and totally hated it. Know why? Simply because it WAS NOT high-waisted at all!! Can you freaking believe it? I was quite pissed off because, come on! High Waisted is not at the hips, it is close to the upper waist! For heaven sakes.

Let me tell you more of my bad experiences.

A sweet dress from another blogshop caught my eyes and it was mentioned size UK8-UK10. So arranged cod with the owner and she was kind enough to not charge me for cod as I was codying with one of my customers at the same place. So I got home, put it on and ... stuck! I cant even fit the dress, and even if I cud, the buttons looked like they were about to pop out and the material was really thin so it looked pretty much like a lingerie and it was SHORT. sigh!

So another bad experience.

Also a new blogshop (not sure why I tend to buy from new ones). I happened to be looking for a long wallet. So I saw something I like at this blogshop and coded with the owner at The Curve. Not only she was late, the material of the wallet was clearly not PU!!! It was so cheap looking that I totally felt disgusted. Usually long wallets are hard, so that they can be more secured right, this was made out of manila cardboard paper, with whatever material they called PU, wrapped around a freaking thin manila cardboard paper. Can you believe I paid RM45 for that pc of crap? Shits.

I tell you, the only only only super duper best experience Ive had is buying from Laura. All her items fitted me perfectly. They turned out exactly how it looked like on her photos. Absolutely recommended. Miss OCD in Shopping (linked on my side panel).

Another one of my recommendations would be Veron's, Oh. popsicles! She's my friend that's why and I've bought from her quite a number of times. Love them as well =D

So if you ask me, which blogshop would I recommend. I'll always recommend these two, and of course, mine as well. LOL!!

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