Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charles & Keith ~ My Very Own


I have been a fan of Charles & Keith since Deziree introduced me to the brand. We were shopping at 1 Utama and she pulled me into Charles & Keith to show me what she bought the other day she was shopping with Yap. I was really impressed with the shop actually, and didnt know of its existence until then.

The sad part is that their price tag is much much more than our normal Vincci and Nose. A pair costs about RM160 plus. Normal T Strap Sandals costs about RM99.

I usually just window shop but I always always try them on just for the sake of viewing myself wearing them. Their shoes are made out of really good quality. Looks good but I am not sure if it is durable because I dont have one to judge. The material they use is spectacular. Makes everything look exclusive, which is one of the main reasons why I love Charles & Keith.

Besides shoes, they sell other accessories such as bags and belts. Their bags are also designed exclusively. Very unique and pretty simple for day to day use. Definitely something to have also, but I love their shoes more!

So yesterday, sharp 12am, Baby gave me a box and I got a pair of my very own Charles & Keith shoes.

Put them on and totally love it. Actual colour is like bronze, the colour here is abit off but I really love it when I saw it. Elegant and simple. Very much like what baby would have picked out if I was there with him in the shop =D Gona wear them tonight when he takes me out for my birthday dinner!

I went online today and the first thing I did was go to Charles & Keith online to take a look at all of their collections. I thought this to be a very nice pair for the wedding =D

Simple and elegant. Really really something I had in mind to match my wedding gown. In the beginning I spotted something else, a pair of off white flats with layered bruch on the front top of the shoes. Not sure how to explain it and I tried finding it on their website but it wasnt there anymore *sobs sobs.

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