Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am QUEEN today!


I was really anxious for the movie to be premiered in Malaysia and couldn't wait till the weekend because that was when it was out and we caught it on Saturday. Pretty much a let down, really. I expected more action instead of just 1 small part of the movie which was a chase scene between Bruce Willis and some guy who looked like an uglier version of that guy in Covenant (shit I forgot his name!) and the rest was about the twist and turn of the storyline. Man, the one thing I realised was that Bruce Willis is OLD. Oh, and another thing that I realised, Make up rocks!

Other than that, the weekend was pretty much the same routine. Woke up on Saturday to get some new stuff for Clothes For Fun and discovered the high waisted shorts I so love at one of my supplier. Initially, I saw it at one of the online boutiques listed on my side panel and I wanted to purchase the shorts but the funny thing was when I emailed them to enquire about the shorts as I noticed that they didnt mention the shorts to be unavailable. The reply I got from them was really weird. I gave them my measurements and asked if M size is alright for me because sometimes it is quite tricky to get shorts from an online boutique. Ironic cos I have one but it is true! So I got a reply from them and read this,

"You may take M size but currently we only have S size"
"So is it restockable? Can you restock M size?"
"I am sorry dear, we only have S size on hand and M size is no longer restockable"
"But you said I may take M size. How am I suppose to take M size if it is not restockable?"
"Yes it is not restockable but you may take M size"
"Urm, ok. Thanks"

So I was pretty much disappointed because I really liked the shorts and then on Saturday, I found it!! I was so thrilled, I felt like I've already reached the sky. Pretty costly though but I took it in anyway. It is selling off like hotcakes now on Clothes For Fun and I kept myself a pair of Black M size too!!

Oh, Isn't it gorgeous!

and before I forget (how can I?).. I am QUEEN Today because it is my BIRTHDAY. On normal days I am just PRINCESS. =P
Happy 23rd Birthday to Myself!! Wohooo ~

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